The Speaker As Leader

Written by Burt Dubin

There they are. All 50 of them. All 500 of them. Or all 5000 of them. Your audience sits yearning for your words. Looking at you. Waiting for you to show themrepparttar way, Hoping you bring illumination. Longing for answers. Hungering for direction.

Someone arranged for you to be there. Because you are one who knows. Because you can open their eyes. Because you can lead them to light.

Let's say you have technical know-how. Or industry-specific insights. Or a new idea, an approach, an insight, an attitude, a concept. Or a pastiche of all or any combination ofrepparttar 125576 above. A new wrinkle, a new approach that leads to breakthroughs. To ahas.

Or maybe you discovered a way of being, of doing that can lead this audience to having something they desire. Perhaps you can lead them to a deeper understanding of something they need to know.

Naomi Rhode calls itrepparttar 125577 privilege ofrepparttar 125578 platform. And what a privilege you have as you stand there! Take a deep breath. You can influence, you can mold and shape a future yet unborn. Take another breath. Look atrepparttar 125579 faces before you. This is your moment. This isrepparttar 125580 moment you've worked so hard to be ready for.

When, in 1960, John F Kennedy spoke and said "We will send a man torepparttar 125581 moon and bring him safely back to earth-and we'll do it within 10 years!" he stirred his nation to believe it could be done.

When Abraham Lincoln spoke and delivered what we now commemorate as The Gettysburg Address, he awakenedrepparttar 125582 conscience ofrepparttar 125583 Western world.

When Nelson Mandela spoke and stirredrepparttar 125584 sparks of hope in his people with his words, to such an extent that he was thrown into prison byrepparttar 125585 white masters of South Africa, his words changed history forever.

The 21st Century Speaker's Journey

Written by Burt Dubin

Everyone who creates personal success as a 21st century speaker-is a hero. We battle with dragons. We grapple with demons. With emotional and psychological monsters. Like Theseus embroiled inrepparttar maze onrepparttar 125575 island of Crete, millennia ago, wrestling with, and slayingrepparttar 125576 dreaded Minotaur. Like David facing Goliath armed with only a slingshot and 5 smooth stones. Like Hercules rescuing Theseus and Persephone from Hades.

Inrepparttar 125577 last century, like Harry Truman, a sure loser according to every poll, bravely facing up to and defeatingrepparttar 125578 powerful Thomas Dewey. Like Mahatma Gandhi, armed with only a loincloth and a relentless will, freeingrepparttar 125579 Indian subcontinent from British rule. And let's not forgetrepparttar 125580 gallant Nelson Mandela who, battling from his bleak jail cell ultimately ended apartheid in South Africa, winning emancipation and equality for millions of his native people.

What aboutrepparttar 125581 speaker? What aboutrepparttar 125582 aspiring speaker...the lonely, aching one out inrepparttar 125583 cold, with nose pressed up againstrepparttar 125584 store window, gazing wistfully at glowing success only a heartbeat away; what are this speaker's demons? What dragons, what Minatour, what swamps swarming with alligators, what precipices and crevasses wait to swallow up allrepparttar 125585 wanna-be's hopes and dreams? What else blocksrepparttar 125586 illusive path to success and abundance?

And, most important of all, how are all these monsters put to rest forever byrepparttar 125587 speaker moving from struggle and lack to success and abundance. I've been there, dead broke, flat on my assets, and those only in my unswerving imagination, sustained only by vision. Perhaps this glimpse of my journey may yield hope:

1. It started with implacable will, iron determination, bulldog blood, an inner spirit that was not going to surrender to defeat as long as there was breath in my body.

2. It proceeded withrepparttar 125588 awakening awareness that like all activities,repparttar 125589 speaking business had rules of play, rules I had to discover and master.

3. It continued with relentless research. The fruit of this investigation was, for me,repparttar 125590 insight that 80% of success inrepparttar 125591 business of speaking had nothing to do with platform performance. Beyond platform excellence, speaking success emerged from having a unique position, a burning desire, a mission so powerful thatrepparttar 125592 mission had me, alluring promotion, magnetic marketing, a bit of wit and a colossal commitment, so huge that everything was surrendered inrepparttar 125593 service ofrepparttar 125594 success yearned for.

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