The Sleepless Challenge

Written by Demetria Zinga

For me, it was “welcome to motherhood”. Ready or not, I was in for a wonderful experience. But my first challenge was to overcomerepparttar first few months of literally no sleep. It was my first baby, and I feltrepparttar 147913 pressure of doing everything “just right”. I wanted to be a perfect mom. But I quickly learned that parenting was going to be a lifelong journey and that I would make plenty of mistakes alongrepparttar 147914 way. After stumbling out of bed frequently for middle ofrepparttar 147915 night feedings I’d wake up around 6 a.m. to my newborn crying a joyful solo for yet another feeding. After about three weeks of this, and then another month I was completely worn out! Following a cesarean section, I immediately thought I could be Supermom, Grand Interior Decorator, andrepparttar 147916 House Cleaning Company all at once, and of course I thought I could simultaneously jugglerepparttar 147917 responsibilities of a baby that I was so certain would sleep through most ofrepparttar 147918 day and night. After a few restless nights, and having noticed that my sweet infant was rarely sleeping at all, be it night or day, I began to really wonder about her. Was this going to berepparttar 147919 norm? Did infants really stay awake for hours at a time demanding a feeding every hour and half? Was I doing something wrong? I couldn’t help but wonder if this pattern would ever end. I’d read allrepparttar 147920 many parenting articles that tell you when your infant should stop waking up so frequently and begin sleeping peacefully throughrepparttar 147921 night. Well, I dare say that my little one kept waking up again and again for nights on end. After a few months I began to think I wasrepparttar 147922 only mother out there suffering from severe sleep deprivation! Of course, I knew that I wasn’t REALLYrepparttar 147923 only one, but it sure hits home when it happens to you. My young one is now an active toddler, and things have definitely improved as far as her sleeping habits go, but I learned quite a few things during those seemingly never ending nights of sleeplessness and days of extreme fatigue. If I had to do it all over again, I definitely wouldn’t have tried to berepparttar 147924 Grand Interior Designer andrepparttar 147925 House Cleaning Company (and following a c-section at that)! Here are some handy tips that I should have used and will keep in mind when I have my next baby:

•Rest, rest, rest! Okay, it sounds trite, and while pregnant you’ve probably heard everyone inrepparttar 147926 world tell you to rest, but once you’ve given birth it’s even more important that you still adhere torepparttar 147927 resting phaserepparttar 147928 first few days you are home fromrepparttar 147929 hospital. I can’t even begin to explain how much rest is needed after a cesarean section…but in either type of delivery, your body needs time to recuperate, so take it easy. What does resting mean? It could mean using paper plates so there are fewer dishes to wash. It could mean having a friend or relative come sit with you a few hours a day and help you aroundrepparttar 147930 house (which is especially helpful if you have other younger children). And if you have older children, it could mean having them help out with more chores aroundrepparttar 147931 house. Most of all, it means to just let some things go. The dusting doesn’t have to be done right away…perhaps it can wait a few more days, or weeks even. • People say to sleep whilerepparttar 147932 baby is sleeping. Well, that didn’t work for me, mostly because I was attempting to get things done aroundrepparttar 147933 house that I couldn’t do efficiently when my daughter was awake. So here’s what I say: REST whilerepparttar 147934 baby is sleeping. Sit down, take a break. Schedule that time, and give yourself at least 30 minutes to do absolutely nothing.

Citrine is November's Birthstone

Written by Sam Serio

If you're still young enough to remember your birthday, you probably also rememberrepparttar special birthstone assigned to it. But at your age, we bet you don't really knowrepparttar 147912 SIGNIFICANCE of your birthstone and what powerrepparttar 147913 ancients felt would be bestowed about you by wearing it. November Birtthstone: Citrine Birthstone Properties: Increases creativity and feelings of joy Alternative Birthstone: Yellow Topaz Citrine isrepparttar 147914 birthstone for November andrepparttar 147915 traditional anniversary gemstone forrepparttar 147916 13th year of marriage. Its name comes from an old French word for lemon -- "citrin". A variety of quartz andrepparttar 147917 "sister stone" torepparttar 147918 purple variety known as Amethyst, citrine comes in a wide range of colors. Some believe that some citrine may have actually begun as amethyst, but that nearby molten rock changed it torepparttar 147919 yellow form of quartz. Mined mainly in Brazil, but also found in Bolivia, citrines come in vivid yellows and oranges, and alsorepparttar 147920 unusual and extremely popular "madeira red." (Citrines that are pale yellow or yellowish-brown are often mistaken for yellow or golden topaz.) Natural citrine can also be found inrepparttar 147921 Ural Mountains of Russia, in Dauphine, France, and in Madagascar Cure-All Citrine, like all forms of quartz, was believed to have magical powers. People carried citrine as a protective talisman againstrepparttar 147922 plague, bad skin and evil thoughts. It was also used as a charm againstrepparttar 147923 bites of snakes and other venomous reptiles. Yellow and orange colors ofrepparttar 147924 citrine gemstone were said to offer protection from dangers when traveling, to ward off evil, and to keep sickness away on land or on sea.

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