The Sky & The Earth

Written by Mohammad Ali Abid

In Quran Allah says, “It is He who hath created for you all things that are onrepparttar earth; Moreover, his design comprehendedrepparttar 127698 heavens, for he gave order and perfection torepparttar 127699 seven firmaments; and of Allah things he hath perfect knowledge [2:29] in other Quranic verse he says, “Moreover, He comprehended in His designrepparttar 127700 sky, and it had been as smoke” [41-11]. The earth was already created and that there was a stage ofrepparttar 127701 sky stages which has been as a smoke. Thisrepparttar 127702 word of Allah whichrepparttar 127703 science is confirming now. If anybody wants evidence, he can go to anyrepparttar 127704 of telescope and see by his own eyes. He will find smoke inrepparttar 127705 sky. The remaining ofrepparttar 127706 smoke is still contributing inrepparttar 127707 formation of stars and planets. If we ask a simple man or an educated man, isrepparttar 127708 smoke results of fire orrepparttar 127709 fire results fromrepparttar 127710 smoke? Naturally, he will reply by saying that smoke results from fire. Then can any body think that planets and stars were, once upon a time, smoke? Can any body think that fire was once smoke? Nobody will think about it. But it is confirmed byrepparttar 127711 holy Quran “Moreover, he comprehended in his designrepparttar 127712 sky, and it had been as smoke, he said to it and torepparttar 127713 earth ‘come together, willing or unwillingly’ they said: ‘We do come (together) in willing obedience” [41-11] Whenrepparttar 127714 earth enteredrepparttar 127715 process of formation,repparttar 127716 scientists say that mountains came out fromrepparttar 127717 depth ofrepparttar 127718 earth byrepparttar 127719 process of volcanoes. Different mountains came into existence byrepparttar 127720 activities of volcanoes which throw outrepparttar 127721 materials of mountains. Examinerepparttar 127722 meaning of this Quranic verse which says, “and whenrepparttar 127723 Earth is flattered out, and casts forth what is within it and becomes clean empty” [84:3-4] Hasrepparttar 127724 earth castled forth what is within it before or after its formation? In other words,repparttar 127725 mountains which have been mentioned inrepparttar 127726 Quranic sign “Andrepparttar 127727 mountains hath he firmly fixed” [79:32] are formed byrepparttar 127728 process of casting forth. The Earth castled forthrepparttar 127729 mountain and thenrepparttar 127730 water of seas, oceans and rivers have come out ofrepparttar 127731 earth itself. The air with its components andrepparttar 127732 rich soil all were in siderepparttar 127733 earth. The Earth easted forth all these materials to its surface. Quran says “What! Arerepparttar 127734 more difficult to create orrepparttar 127735 heaven (above)? (God) hath constructed it: on high hath he raised its canopy and he hath given it order and perfection. It is night doth He Endow with darkness and its splendor doth he bring out (with light). Andrepparttar 127736 earth, moreover, Hath he extended (to a wide expander) he draweth out therefrom its moisture and its pasture. Andrepparttar 127737 mountains hath he firmly fixed” [79:32]. The above verses showrepparttar 127738 abundance of boons bestowed by Allah upon those who live on earth. But after this display of abundant boons,repparttar 127739 verses which follow them states “Therefore, when there comesrepparttar 127740 great, over whelming (event).

Globular Nature of Earth

Written by Mohammad Ali Abid

The holy quran isrepparttar word of Allah . it is our way of worship up torepparttar 127697 judgement day . this means that there is no contradiction between what it says and whatrepparttar 127698 new scientific discovers say . however , quran must be understood properly so that to confirmrepparttar 127699 concerns ofrepparttar 127700 new scientific discoveries , because many scientific statements of today may be refuted tomorrow there fore they must be dealt with carefully when we try to see it significance in quran Allah says “ andrepparttar 127701 land we have spread out [15:19] spread means stretched however this quanic verse combines language and its effectiveness after almost fact which human intellect it discovers after almost one thousand and five hundred years .whenrepparttar 127702 verse mentioned thatrepparttar 127703 earth is stretched it did not mean thatrepparttar 127704 whole shape ofrepparttar 127705 earth is stretched but it addressed man that whereverrepparttar 127706 moves he will always findrepparttar 127707 earth gets stretched before him . man who;; might get confounded by an adage of earth where he will find space . ifrepparttar 127708 shape ofrepparttar 127709 earth was square or rectangle or in any shape other than globular man would have get confronted by an adage where he seesrepparttar 127710 end ofrepparttar 127711 surface ofrepparttar 127712 earth andrepparttar 127713 begging ofrepparttar 127714 space man to come back torepparttar 127715 same point from where he moved asrepparttar 127716 globular shape , man in this movement fromrepparttar 127717 starting point and coming back torepparttar 127718 same point will always findrepparttar 127719 earth stretched before him thereforerepparttar 127720 above mentioned quince verse miraculously indicatesrepparttar 127721 appearance as well asrepparttar 127722 reality this makes quran asrepparttar 127723 first book which pointed out thatrepparttar 127724 earth is round Not only this but another quince verse states also thatrepparttar 127725 earth rotates around itself aroundrepparttar 127726 sun ( he createdrepparttar 127727 heavens sandrepparttar 127728 earth in true (proportions) he makesrepparttar 127729 night overlaprepparttar 127730 day andrepparttar 127731 day overlaprepparttar 127732 night , he has subjectedrepparttar 127733 sun andrepparttar 127734 moon ( to his law ) each one follows a confess for a time appointed is not herepparttar 127735 excalted in power – “he who forgives again and again” [39:5] this verse shows that day and night overlap

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