The Single Most Misunderstood Concept in Search Engine Positioning

Written by Michael Buck

On April 27th, we shared with you our article entitled "Is Search Engine Positioning Dead?" (If you missed it, visit forrepparttar archive) In this article, we presented several compelling 3rd party statistics suggesting that search engine placement remains by farrepparttar 128400 most powerful method for driving large amounts of targeted traffic to your web site.

As a result of this article, we received lots of great feedback, and many pertinent questions. But whenrepparttar 128401 dust settled, one topic rose torepparttar 128402 top ofrepparttar 128403 list and seemed to cause a great deal of confusion and mystery:

"Why is keyword selection so important and how do I selectrepparttar 128404 best keywords for my site?"

Let's break this down into bite-sized pieces and clear uprepparttar 128405 mystery, by answering our most frequently asked questions regarding keyword selection:

"What'srepparttar 128406 difference between a keyword and a keyword phrase? And which should I use?"

Put simply, a keyword is a single word such as "Maui." While a keyword phrase is a more descriptive string of two or more words such as "Maui vacations." Your specific approach to keyword selection will vary, depending on your industry. For certain niche markets, single words can be a good strategy (as long as they are specific to your product or service). But regardless of your industry...

Well-researched keyword phrases will attract quality, targeted visitors to your website who *specifically* want what you are selling.

Let's assume you sell Maui vacations, and your website is listed atrepparttar 128407 top ofrepparttar 128408 search results forrepparttar 128409 keywords "Maui" and "Maui vacations." Let's look atrepparttar 128410 characteristics of two groups of visitors you'd attract.

Those who perform a search on "Maui" are searching for a wide variety of topics. Such as Maui's history and culture, snorkeling, botanic gardens, hiking trails, sailing, golfing, and yes - some will be looking for Maui vacations. But only a small percentage ofrepparttar 128411 people who perform a search onrepparttar 128412 keyword "Maui" are qualified prospect for your vacation packages.

Now think aboutrepparttar 128413 prospects who find you by searching for "Maui vacations." Every prospect who performs this search is a qualified prospect for you. And by getting a top ranking with this more descriptive keyword phrase, you attract people who are more likely to become paying customers!

You see, someone who wants to take a vacation to Maui is not likely to search for "Maui." They're not going to search for "Vacations." And they're not going to search for "Hawaii" either. They're much more likely to enter a keyword phrase like "Maui vacations."


Written by Roberto Gourlay

Unbeknown to most of you,repparttar famous World Wide Web has a very serious and damaging flaw that can affect everyone who places WEB SITES or WEB PAGES onrepparttar 128399 Internet.

Once again, don't flip this page over torepparttar 128400 sports section thinking..."Here goes another Einstein quantum-Physics HTML browser Meta tag slurp dot COM ramble!" No!

Read on! I promise to keep it simple!

The easiest way to explain this disaster is to use a practical example.

Havingrepparttar 128401 privilege of writing an article inrepparttar 128402 Mallorca Daily Bulletin might allow me to take advantage ofrepparttar 128403 situation by shamelessly, fat-headedly promoting my wonderful, blimp-like, quality, reliable, marvellous, bright, fantabulous, incredible, dynamic, colourful, brilliant, way-out, stupendous, magnificent, unbelievable, cool, bloated, super egoistic plump web site!.....And it makes coffee too!

Well, maybe so, but knowingrepparttar 128404 Editor, if I DID that, chances are next week you'll be reading an astounding article on lower-Slobovian basket weaving by your on-site reporter - namely me - in outer Mongolia!

So, let us use an imaginary Web Site!

You are a company in Mallorca that makes Dildoes. You seerepparttar 128405 tremendous potential of making up a very nice stiff web site with pages of photos, details, up-market, arousing descriptions, different vibrant models, as well as easy-to-use order forms and automatic E-Mail reply notes, everything to give some HARD competition to your rivals!

To do this, either you must be well schooled inrepparttar 128406 art of Web site page design, or you must hire someone to do allrepparttar 128407 work for you. To do a complete, well-organised site with fonts, frames, banners, logos, photos, colour, links and automatic reply things etc., you can spend months and thousands and thousands of pesetas in getting it all set up.

So: After 4 months of blood sweat and tears, your polished web site with its comprehensive, erotic pages on allrepparttar 128408 models of your battery-operated product is ready to be placed "On The Web".

To do this, you merely submit your web site torepparttar 128409 many search engines that abound. Examples are Yahoo!, Altavista, HotBot, Lycos, Delta, Direct Hit, and many more. If you are NOT on any important search engines, your web site and its pages will not be seen or found by anyone outside of your "circle" - that is, people who know specifically your site address. It is like being omitted fromrepparttar 128410 Yellow Pages phone book, with only your immediate friends knowing your number.

The idea is to get your web site listed in these places so that customers aroundrepparttar 128411 world searchingrepparttar 128412 Internet for Dildoes will come across your up-lifting page - hopefully ranked high enough to be onrepparttar 128413 first sheet that comes onrepparttar 128414 screen. It is in this way many companies make their millions, some operating from a warehouse or their home! Basically,repparttar 128415 Internet boils down to one giant mail order house - at least as far as business is concerned.

Now - here isrepparttar 128416 disaster: Let us say your site is called:, and insiderepparttar 128417 site your E-Mail address is

You spend months and dollars (some search engines like Go charge $ to list your site!) submitting your pages. There are listing services that for a nice fat fee will put your site on 300 search engines.

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