The Silver Lining

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

The nation's economic forecast has been gloomy. Stocks are down, lay-offs are up, and consumer confidence is at its lowest point in years.

It's a great time to start a home business.

If job worries are getting you down, a business onrepparttar side can serve as insurance against a bumpy economic ride. Andrepparttar 117912 low overhead of launching your business from home means that you can do it even if you're short on cash.

If you're also short on ideas, here are a few:

Direct Sales

We're not talking about pyramid schemes where all you sell is an opportunity. You can find dozens of reputable companies with quality product lines which follow a multi-level compensation model. These are especially appealing to home-based entrepreneurs because (a) they require very little upfront investment, (b) their offerings are known and trusted and (c) placing an order will not breakrepparttar 117913 bank... so it's possible to find eager customers, even if you are new to sales.

Of course, making big money in MLM comes from commissions you make offrepparttar 117914 sales of your 'downline' -repparttar 117915 people you recruit andrepparttar 117916 people they recruit. Again, your timing for trying this out could not be better: The same job and money insecurities that are inspiring you to look for a little income insurance are driving others to dorepparttar 117917 same. This is a good economy for building a downline.

You do need to investigate any opportunity before you sign. Start your research at NOBOSS < > which offers extremely detailed descriptions of over 100 different low-cost businesses you can start at home.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

(1) Is this a product you would use yourself and recommend to others? If you're not familiar with their offerings, buy some for yourself and use them. If you're not wild aboutrepparttar 117918 product, you won't have an easy time selling it. Keep on looking.

(2) Large commissions are great, but big ticket items don't sell well in this kind of nervous economy. You may do better to choose a low-cost line that will appeal to a wider audience and plan to earn your commissions on volume.

(3) While it is customary to charge a new rep a start-up fee (those sales kits do cost something to produce and often contain samples of a company's best products), be wary of any MLM company that requires a huge investment or that you keep a lot of inventory on hand. Onrepparttar 117919 other hand, an opportunity that costs nothing to get into may not offer much support -- or may not even have an actual product to sell!

Munchkins Want Advice from Monsters? Not!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

I was sipping my morning "wake-cup" of coffee overrepparttar Sunday San Francisco Chronicle this weekend when I came across an article by staff writer John Batteiger referencing web sites useful to small business. Great, I thought, I'd love more of those valuable resources. Silly me.

Although I think this is an example of a reporter not doing his research and glossing over an important subject, I can't even begin to comprehendrepparttar 117911 absurd references provided by that reporter! The SBA,repparttar 117912 FTC,repparttar 117913 Yahoo Small Business Information section, which although they each have some small part to play in helpingrepparttar 117914 little guy, don't provide a great resource for small business information beyond their own meager references to other web sites.

I've faced this oddity for three years now while trying to gain links acrossrepparttar 117915 web forrepparttar 117916 WebSite101 Small Business Ecommerce Tutorial I provide online. Nobody wants to listen to those of us that practice what we preach each day and go daily to maintainrepparttar 117917 house payments and bills by earing our living online. Everyone wants to hear whatrepparttar 117918 Monsters have to say about being a little guy! David doesn't want to BE Goliath, David Wants To SLAY Goliath! Hello! Anyone home?

I dashed off a letter to that reporter which I've included below and realized that my own readers could benefit from hearing this stuff as well. So I've attached my note to that reporter below.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* John,

(You'll note that I've sent copies of this letter to each ofrepparttar 117919 sites I referenced here, who I'm sure will have thoughts of their own to contribute.)

I'm fascinated at how folks consistently look to Goliaths to learn how to be an effective David! When I saw your article today at: 10/14/BU222086.DTL

I thought I might see some links to things such as a book by Daniel H. Pink (he relies on praise fromrepparttar 117920 big boys in his reviews but did confide to me that he'd consider quotes from little guys like me.) My raves about his book are online at:

The Chronicle is quoted on *his* site in an article by your colleague George Raine, but you don't returnrepparttar 117921 favor?

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