The Shoemaker And The Elves

Written by John Colanzi

Rememberrepparttar story ofrepparttar 124315 Shoemaker and The Elves?

The shoemaker would go to sleep andrepparttar 124316 elves would finish any shoes he hadn't gotten around to.

Our minds function in muchrepparttar 124317 same way, Our conscious, logical mind isrepparttar 124318 shoemaker. Our subconscious isrepparttar 124319 elves.

Give your conscious mind a goal, gather allrepparttar 124320 facts and letrepparttar 124321 elves do their work.

Many of our greatest inventions and discoveries have come afterrepparttar 124322 scientist or researcher had given up andrepparttar 124323 elves took over.

The structure of DNA had baffled researchers for years. Finally,repparttar 124324 double helix was revealed in a dream about intertwined snakes.

Want A Successful Newsletter? Apply The 5 "P's" ...

Written by Mike Merz

Online newsletters/ezines number inrepparttar hundreds of thousands, andrepparttar 124314 total is ever increasing.

How can, and will, you compete?

If you want your offering to stand out, plug it intorepparttar 124315 5 "P's" formula ...

Purpose - Are you giving your target market what they want? Make sure that you provide fresh content, updates on newly released, related resources, etc., geared torepparttar 124316 specific needs and interests of your subscribers.

How do you find out what they are? Ask them (polls, respond requests)! You may also want to look at your industry's "heavy hitters". Subscribe to, and study, their offerings. Applyingrepparttar 124317 techniques that work for them can help you, as well.

Personality - You simply must develop your own style if you're going to succeed.

This is of extreme importance.

Loserepparttar 124318 hype, and interact with your subscribers as if you were talking to each one honestly, personally. This will help build a bond of trust, and aids self branding.

Personalize - I'll say it again, as it's worth repeating ... Interact with your subscribers as if you were talking to each one, personally! Use name tags, if this is an available option, whenever possible (I prefer "first name" only. Having first AND last looks too automated). If it isn't, you may want to change your delivery method to a service that allows them.

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