The Sheep Syndrome

Written by Ieuan Dolby

Man has this amazing ability to copy, to follow, to be led or he has a driving wish to be exactlyrepparttar same as those around him. It is calledrepparttar 105762 sheep syndrome. The next door neighbors have just got a ten speed lawnmower ….. allrepparttar 105763 kids at school have one……the bubble …………. fashionable/trendy ……….I want to berepparttar 105764 same ……..and so on downrepparttar 105765 trail!

An immense example of misplaced sheep syndrome isrepparttar 105766 current British mind set of buying of property in another country. Millions of middle-class and average people have given over their life savings in return for a square piece of land with a debatable construction sitting on it, in Spain, in Cyprus, Florida, et al! Not only have they handed over all that they have ever had but given it in return for something that lies a thousand miles away and that oncerepparttar 105767 excitement has worn off will become a costly burden that is visited only twice a year, if that! Yet, it is fashionable; it isrepparttar 105768 ‘sensible’ thing to do, to buy some property in rural Turkey, just likerepparttar 105769 neighbors have bought. It is profitable to buy a three bed-roomed house in Florida, becauserepparttar 105770 brochure said we could rent it back out when we don’t use it! The agent said thatrepparttar 105771 price is inclusive ………and so it goes on, each prospective buyer convinced that it is a wise thing to do in life and nobody saying otherwise because it isrepparttar 105772 trend,repparttar 105773 sheep syndrome in action!

Another large example of man following man wasrepparttar 105774 YK2 period of disaster prediction! Somebody casually observed that computer clocks might not cope withrepparttar 105775 change over torepparttar 105776 new millennium because nobody had thought about it before, despiterepparttar 105777 fact that it was only a couple of years away! So what happened was a mad panic and had somebody said ‘boo’ in a rather large voice stampedes would have occurred, cities would have evacuated themselves and wars would have started. But what happened was that rumors and counter rumors spread like wildfire, rivers of possible scary scenarios ricocheted aroundrepparttar 105778 world andrepparttar 105779 public became so infused with impending disaster they just didn’t know which way to turn.

At least four years beforerepparttar 105780 turn ofrepparttar 105781 centuryrepparttar 105782 process of panic indoctrination started and people rapidly became suffused with fear. The US government set up a command center at an initial cost of 50 million dollars to cope withrepparttar 105783 impending crisis and throughout it all computer geeks and companies made fortunes as they set up Y2K software companies and became solemn experts onrepparttar 105784 subject! Billions of Dollars, Pounds, Dong, etc. was spent on new equipment that had stickers plastered all over them that read, “I am Y2K compliant”, and power station night security guards lied without embarrassment to have their night off starting onrepparttar 105785 31st December!

Planes were going to fall out ofrepparttar 105786 sky at midnight. Russian missiles were going to arm themselves, to shoot acrossrepparttar 105787 oceans and to land inrepparttar 105788 middle of Sunset Boulevard! And lights would just switch off, water would stop coming out ofrepparttar 105789 taps and bank machines would never again issue another note simply becauserepparttar 105790 big hand could not quite get pastrepparttar 105791 top ofrepparttar 105792 hour!

The end ofrepparttar 105793 world is nigh.

Whenrepparttar 105794 actual turning point came, nothing astounding or untoward happened! Planes did not collide in mid-air, nuclear explosions fromrepparttar 105795 local power station did not light uprepparttar 105796 night skies and little aliens with green heads did not land to take overrepparttar 105797 world! The only real tremors and aftershocks felt were a direct result ofrepparttar 105798 panic build-up of previous. Those who had stockpiled food in their underground bunkers had year’s worth of baked beans to work through; those who had stockpiled goods suddenly found out that their life savings were now invested in a worthless pile of batteries, torches and gas lamps that nobody really wanted anymore. Banks had problems on Monday morning as customers queued up to re-open closed accounts (money withdrawn because banks vaults would never open again) and portable bunker rental firms found it difficult to cope as their goods were returned in quick order!

Allrepparttar 105799 sheep should have felt very sheepish indeed but true to form, and because everybody was inrepparttar 105800 same boat they just found other sheep trails to follow.

The sheep syndrome is very much a deep rooted fear of being different, of beingrepparttar 105801 odd man out, to be an outcast of a certain group whether it is social, work or family! This fear is ingrained from birth, so deeply that for mostrepparttar 105802 knowledge of its existence is not known. For most peoplerepparttar 105803 eagerness to berepparttar 105804 same, to be an active and popular member of a group overrides any thought as to why they really want this and thusrepparttar 105805 fear is pushed and kept far away and dusty inrepparttar 105806 nether regions ofrepparttar 105807 mind. Fromrepparttar 105808 day that we are bornrepparttar 105809 conditioning starts. Parents give to their children what other children of that age group have, for these children in turn to want what those other children have and in time to give their very own offspring what they feel that they should have. As humans we tend to operate and guide ourselves throughrepparttar 105810 maze of life by copying, following and fitting in, our sole guide being what is around us. We tend not to step outside ofrepparttar 105811 circle that we are in, we tend not to think alone or to act differently because of that simple deep rooted fear of being cast aside or ignored.

How To Overcome FEAR

Written by Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale's new book comes out this week. Here's a brand new article he wrote, which he is giving you as a gift to share with you, or (if you have one) your list and your website visitors. If you have any questions, let me know. -Jason Mangrum

"How to Overcome Fear" by Dr. Joe Vitale, Author The Attractor Factor -

I'm in Chicago attending a Dan Kennedy event. Atrepparttar first break a young man stops me, saying he is one of my subscribers and a big fan. I'm flattered. We talk. Duringrepparttar 105761 brief conversation, he confesses that fear is what stops him from achieving anything.

Interesting. Just that very morning I had breakfast with Paul Hartunian, famous publicity expert, when he told me, "There is no such thing as fear."

"There isn't?" I asked Paul.

"No. You are born with only two fears," Paul explained. "The fear of loud noises andrepparttar 105762 fear of falling. You lose those early on. Any other fears are created by you. They aren't real." "How do you get rid of fear?"

"Stop it."

"Stop it?"

"Just stop it," Paul said. "Say you have a fear of bridges. If I put one million dollars in cash onrepparttar 105763 other side and said you could have it if you walked acrossrepparttar 105764 bridge, nude, in front of a crowd of people, you'd do it. Why? Becauserepparttar 105765 reward is greater thanrepparttar 105766 pain. Makerepparttar 105767 rewards greater andrepparttar 105768 fears will vanish."

I toldrepparttar 105769 young man before merepparttar 105770 same thing.

I then went on to add that most people in business have a fear of success, or a fear of failure. "I was just in a seminar with Ted Nicholas," I went on. "Ted said he had failed many times, and what he learned is that nothing bad ever happens to you when you fail. Instead, you get life's greatest lessons."

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