The Seven Vital Steps You Must Know To Ensure Direct Mail Success

Written by Allan J. Katz

1. Your Most Valuable Asset

A mailing list of valued customers isrepparttar single most important asset you have. Loyal customers will spend an average of five times more in your business than new customers. Plus it costs ten times more to acquire a new customer.

When choosing a mailing list, first identify your best customer. What is their age, income level, and geography?

Then identify your "perfect" customer. Select mailing lists which match your perfect customer profile. If you're selling business to business, selectrepparttar 148899 type of business, number of employees and geography, then tailor your message to this audience.

2. The Three Most Effective Words

Copy isrepparttar 148900 persuasive argument that sells your product or service. Begin your copy with a strong headline that spells outrepparttar 148901 benefit of your product or service.

The three most effective words in direct mail are "you," "free," and "new." Studies show that using these words in headlines can boost your response dramatically.

Letter copy should follow a simple formula that will help you organize your thoughts and make a convincing sales argument.

A. Attention: The headline must grab their attention and make them want to read further. B. Interest: Grab their interest with a sub-headline that states your Unique Selling Proposition (what sets you apart from everyone else.) C. Desire: Elicit desire by painting word pictures of your prospect using your product or service and enjoying its benefits. Give testimonials of customers who have benefited from what you offer. Tell stories of people who used your service despite their initial apprehension. D. Close: Ask forrepparttar 148902 order. Make it convenient for them to respond. Give your prospects choices of how to get in touch with you. Use a P.S. atrepparttar 148903 end ofrepparttar 148904 letter to pique their curiosity.

3. What's In It For Me?

Your offer attracts people to your business or service. Direct mail will not work if you use it like a billboard. It is like saying, "SEE ME, I'M OVER HERE" at 60 m.p.h. In order for your direct mail to achieve measurable results you must have a compelling offer.

Your offer can include money, free gifts, guarantees, testimonials, sale events, coupons, gift certificates, sweepstakes, drawings and private sales. Test different offers and see what works best for you.

When you're marketing to a business, personalization is important. Make your outside envelope look like a personal business letter. Keep your copy to 1 or 2 pages and offer an incentive for responding quickly..

4. Experience Captivating Graphics

Designing a mail piece should accomplish 2 things. One is to getrepparttar 148905 attention of your reader. Two, is to visually clarifyrepparttar 148906 written message you are trying to get across.

There are six elements that determine good direct mail design.

A. One visual element should dominaterepparttar 148907 page, whether it's a photo, headline, cartoon or graphic. B. Use only one or two typefaces. Stick with one or two families of type. Use one forrepparttar 148908 headlines and bolded sub sections and one forrepparttar 148909 body copy. The body copy should always be a serif typeface, it's easier to read. C. Use lots of white space when you want to make a lasting impression. D. Make sure your text is easy to read. Don't make your margins too wide or your columns too long. Space outrepparttar 148910 lines of your text so they are easy to read. Use bullets, bold, underlines and short paragraphs. E. Display your logo and pertinent contact information.

Postcard Direct Mail Marketing: 15 Ways To Grab Attention

Written by Alan Sharpe

If you use direct mail postcards to generate leads or sell a product or service, you need to create postcards that grab your prospectís attention. The place to do that is Side A,repparttar side that doesnít haverepparttar 148755 stamp and address on it. Here are some creative ways to getrepparttar 148756 attention of your potential buyers, some of which have worked extremely for well for my clients.

  1. feature a wacky photograph
  2. use a photo of your product in an unusual setting
  3. make an outrageous (but true) claim
  4. state your unique selling promise in an intriguing way
  5. present your prospect's problem (the one that your product or service solves) in a compelling way
  6. ask a provocative question, and putrepparttar 148757 answer on Side B
  7. feature a short quiz that stimulates interest in what you are selling
  8. just be blunt and put your offer in big letters ("SAVE 20% ON YOUR ORDER!")
  9. quote someone famous saying something profound about your product or service
  10. quote someone famous saying something profound about your prospect's greatest problem (the one your product or service solves). Example: "I've been on a diet for 14 days and so far all that I've lost is 14 days."
  11. show a before and after photograph
  12. show a photo of your product in action
  13. feature a series of photos that demonstrate your product in action
  14. ask a question that includes a blank, like this ___________, whichrepparttar 148758 reader fills in
  15. borrow credibility with a photo of a famous person using your product

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