The Seven Sisters of Success

Written by Philip E. Humbert

I recently had a chance to interview several groups of extremely successful people. A handful are famous athletes, several are nationally known artists, writers or politicians, and all are multi-millionaires. I asked them forrepparttar keys, or essential factors that allowed them to accomplish so much more thanrepparttar 102115 rest of us.

Their answers included a wide variety of specifics, but to an astonishing degree, 7 items came up in every discussion. I've called themrepparttar 102116 "Seven Sisters of Success", and want to share them with you.

1. Self-awareness. The first thing that struck me about these men and women wasrepparttar 102117 degree to which they understood themselves. They know their values and goals, and are comfortable withrepparttar 102118 choices they have made in life. They admitted some regrets and mistakes, but they have made peace withrepparttar 102119 past and are eager, confident and optimistic aboutrepparttar 102120 future.

2. Specific Goals. Every single one of these 26 people have written goals, ranging from 30-day projects to 10 year programs. I was impressed that their goals are IN WRITING. Athletes had performance targets, andrepparttar 102121 business leaders had sales goals. They all had family or personal goals that were just as detailed as their professional objectives. The advice we have all heard about writing down your goals really works!

3. Powerful Networks. They all acknowledged their network of friends and colleagues. Each one gave credit to a mentor or friend who taught themrepparttar 102122 ropes, opened doors, or gave them a chance when they needed it. They were profoundly grateful and appreciated that success isrepparttar 102123 result of partnering with many people over many years.

4. Surprising Idealism. I was surprised atrepparttar 102124 degree to which these seasoned, mature individuals openly discussed their ideals. Some talked about religious beliefs, others framed it in political or psychological terms, but they all want to make a difference, fulfill a life-purpose, or pursue a dream. They are motivated by a desire to create a better world, to contribute, and to help others.

Everyday Tools for Extraordinary Success

Written by Philip E. Humbert

I am often asked aboutrepparttar "secrets to success". I've hadrepparttar 102114 chance to work with thousands of highly successful people in business and finance, in sports, in entertainment andrepparttar 102115 arts, andrepparttar 102116 good news is, there are no "secrets" for success!

There are, however, a few tools that, when used together, come close to being a "secret weapon". They require no special talent or skills. They cost very little, and every school child has a complete set.

They are around us every day, yet we fail to use them, and we deprive ourselves of their power. Here is my list ofrepparttar 102117 Top 5 "secret" weapons of extraordinarily successful leaders:

1. 3x5 cards. Yup, I'm referring to those little cards your Mom used for recipes. Successful people use them to jot notes, keep tips, and store valuable information. I carry them everywhere, and have supplies byrepparttar 102118 phone, beside my bed, and onrepparttar 102119 kitchen counter. They are wonderful! They last forever - I have cards I wrote over 30 years ago! And if you accidentally leave them in your pockets, they even go throughrepparttar 102120 wash. (Trust me on this!)

2. A watch. Highly successful people are intensely time- concious. They don't spend their time, their energy or their lives on trivial pursuits. They wear a watch and they use it to stay on task until they achieve their goals and createrepparttar 102121 life they want. Time is your most precious asset and our most under-valued commodity. Wear and USE a watch!

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