The Seven Secrets of Weight Loss

Written by Craig LePage, CSCS, NASM-CPT

When embarking on a weight loss program people will almost always focus on just one or two ofrepparttar seven necessary components needed to achieve their goal. In order to maximize ones weight loss results they must combine all seven components. I like to call these componentsrepparttar 143348 “Seven Secrets of Weight Loss” do torepparttar 143349 fact that they are almost never explained in simplistic terms torepparttar 143350 average person making them somewhat of a secret. Below you will find a brief description ofrepparttar 143351 seven secrets that will help you achieve maximum weight loss.

Each ofrepparttar 143352 seven secrets representsrepparttar 143353 seven necessary components needed to achieve maximum weight loss.

Secret #1 (Proper Mind Set) A proper mind set is an essential part of any successful weight loss program. You must first ask yourself why losing this weight is important to you. Write it down so you can read it aloud to yourself every day. Make a commitment to yourself to follow through with what you start. Create a schedule for your meals and workouts. By scheduling something it will become reality. Without a proper mind set, a true commitment to succeed, and plan of action it will be very unlikely that you will reach your goal.

Secret #2 (Caloric Intake) A decrease in caloric intake and an increase in daily activity will create a natural caloric deficit which isrepparttar 143354 foundation of all weight loss. Reducing your calories can be achieved by eating smaller portions, increasingrepparttar 143355 quality of your foods and eating small meals about every three hours to regulate blood sugar. The regulation of blood sugar levels will keep you from getting hungry and making poor food choices. Protein portion sizes should be aboutrepparttar 143356 size of your palm. Carbohydrate portion sizes should be aboutrepparttar 143357 size of your clinched fist. Vegetable portions sizes should be aboutrepparttar 143358 size of a small handful. Combine a protein with a carbohydrate to make a small meal. Add a serving a vegetables to two of your meals. In addition it is recommended that you have an Omega 3 fatty acid food source with one meal per day. (See food quality for Omega 3 sources)

Secret #3 (Food Quality) Quality food choices are usually low in calories and loaded with a variety of vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants, and fiber which arerepparttar 143359 building blocks of a healthy lean body. Some quality foods choices include lean proteins (egg whites, chicken/turkey breast, fish, etc.), quality complex carbohydrates (sweet potato, oatmeal, brown rice, bran cereal, etc.), vegetables (broccoli, green beans, asparagus, spinach, etc.) and Omega 3 fatty acid sources (flax seed oil, canola oil, salmon, tuna, walnuts, etc.).

Secret #4 (Water Consumption) Consume at least 8-12 glasses of water throughoutrepparttar 143360 day or a ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight. Water isrepparttar 143361 most important nutrient inrepparttar 143362 human body and has many benefits involving weight loss. Proper hydration will increaserepparttar 143363 amount of oxygen inrepparttar 143364 bloodstream which in return will increaserepparttar 143365 body’s fat burning ability and overall energy output.

The Greatest Diet Discovery

Written by DocStuey

Everyone knows someone, who knows someone else, that has donerepparttar Atkins diet (or Adkins diet), or Weight Watchers diet,repparttar 143326 Scarsdale diet,repparttar 143327 Zone diet, or some other popular diet program with great results. So, who do you trust… which diets right for you? I mean there has to be 20-30 fast easy diets to lose 15-20 pounds of fat, maybe as much as 40 pounds of fat, overrepparttar 143328 next few weeks, before your next party or vacation! I read those news flashes allrepparttar 143329 time too! What a load of BS! Diets have been around for decades, and with allrepparttar 143330 success stories, surely there must be good ones. Well news for you… if diets wererepparttar 143331 answer,repparttar 143332 percentage ofrepparttar 143333 population classified as “Obese” or “Overweight” would not be onrepparttar 143334 rise each and every year sincerepparttar 143335 assassination of JFK. Diets don’t have long term success. Diets typically create deficiencies one or several areas. Pounds lost, always include lean tissue an essential fluids as well as some stored body fat, this due largely to a brain produced enzyme “Lipoprotein Lipase”. We’ll discuss this enzyme in more detail in a detailed article later. Many diets do have some points of merit, and if followed torepparttar 143336 letter, can produce impressive short-term benefit and real reduction in overall body fat, which isrepparttar 143337 goal. A big problem with diets is that most people going on a diet, are “ON” or “OFF a diet, never really changingrepparttar 143338 life long habits that made them fat inrepparttar 143339 first place. An even bigger problem, is that over 95% of these people diet, without ever understandingrepparttar 143340 underlying cause/effect ofrepparttar 143341 diets they are doing. OK, now you kind of getrepparttar 143342 message, diets don’t work. Diets are notrepparttar 143343 long-term answer to a slim healthy you! Well good old DocStuey is more than pleased to announce, that after reviewing tons (no pun intended!)of BS internet driven diets, dieting, diet review sites, marketing all kinds of weight loss solutions that promise quick, painless, easy results…repparttar 143344 kind of results every one ofrepparttar 143345 150 Million overweight North Americans dreams of, asrepparttar 143346 only thing that actually sheds weight without effort, is their wallets… We have “The Answer You’ve Been Looking For!”. I tip my hat to Tom Venuto a self professed “Outlaw” Body builder, who’s had enough of allrepparttar 143347 BS he’s seen daily overrepparttar 143348 years inrepparttar 143349 diet, health and fitness world. Born of his hands on experience over more than two decades, Tom has vowed to make his facts based knowledge available to those that are sincere and ready to make an effort to regain Total Control of Their Own Health and Wellness, once and forever!!! Tom offers real results, as fast as anyone could honestly produce, that is permanent and comfortably sustainable. Tom has done an excellent job in keepingrepparttar 143350 format easy reading, enjoyable and fact filled... I couldn't put it down till I was done... he’s done a stellar job of dispelling numerous myths with rock solid facts... it shames me to say "Tom has presented a more complete, fact based knowledge, than most physicians I know... who are In The Know ". Although we may have few slight differences of opinion, they are just that "slight differences"... "Two thumbs up".

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