The Seller as Buyer - The Worm Turns!

Written by Chris Ellington

Asrepparttar CEO of our company, I get a lot of calls from salespeople who want to sell me products and services. It's an interesting sidelight for me, (ok, itís a diversion from real work, but donít tell my staff) to watch these people to make their presentations and then coach them on how to pitch more effectively. Inrepparttar 137039 end, Iíll buy (or not) what they're offering.

My daughter says "Dad, that's not nice! You let them think they'll get a sale and then sometimes you don't buy from them." I ask her if it's my fault they spent some of their valuable time pitching a prospect who wasn't suffering fromrepparttar 137040 problem they claim to solve? Of course, she just rolls her eyes and walks away, but it raises an interesting point.

I've had it with salespeople who won't takerepparttar 137041 time to know my problems before calling me to arrange a meeting. As I pointed out my free 5-day course on Beating Your Competition, anyone can easily know what's important to a prospect.


Written by Thom Reece

Selling is easier when you back up your words with strong visual proof.

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No matter what your business is, you will enhance your level of success by developing a well-organized sales presentation. A good sales presentation involves two primary elements:

(1) The pre-planned sales talk. (2) A carefully conceived and organized visual presentation that documents, confirms, supports, and strengthensrepparttar oral.

Your visual aid can take a variety of forms. It may be a multi-page flip-over type with elaborate charts and graphs, extensive artwork, color photos, and other attention getting devices. It may be a computer driven multi-media event or a simple on-line presentation from a laptop. Or, it can be a basic set of 8 1/2 X 11 loose-leaf pages that can be arranged to fit diverse selling situations.

Presentations, whether professionally designed or home made, are a vital component of your selling process. Why? Confucius put it this way: "In all things, success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure." First prepare. Then sell.

Here are ten tips for selling better with prepared presentations.

1.Plan Ahead. Advance preparation is nine-tenths ofrepparttar 136772 sale. Be sure you are organized and equipped to talk, show, and sell. Know all you can about your prospect before you makerepparttar 136773 presentation. Tailor your products/services benefits to solve your prospectsí problems and fill their needs and desires.

2.Make A Great First Impression. A clean uncluttered sales presentation, like an artistís creation, is a mirror-image of your character, personality, and attitude.

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