The Secrets of High Money Classified Ads

Written by Jason Morris

When used effectively, classified ads can be one ofrepparttar quickest and most inexpensive ways to increase your sales. A well written classified ad can generate thousands in sales, yet could cost you pennies to write and run.

Most people don’t appreciaterepparttar 147347 power of well written classified ads. They think classified ads are for selling cars, or finding jobs, and not for expanding a business. While it’s true a classified ad is a good way to achieverepparttar 147348 above, it is also true that classified ads can be used to launch and expand multi million pound businesses.

Many businesses rely exclusively on these low cost ads to generate a substantial amount of their annual turn over. The reason is simple. Once you have discovered how to harnessrepparttar 147349 power of these classified ads, you really won’t need to run expensive display ads at all.

Note thatrepparttar 147350 key point about classified ads is that they are most effective when used as lead generators, and not to sell from. In these ads you are not trying to convince someone to spend money with you. You are trying to identify a potential customer by having that customer contact you as a result ofrepparttar 147351 ad. Once potential customers have identified themselves, you can then follow up with your direct mail offer forrepparttar 147352 product or service you are selling.

Writing an effective classified ad is one ofrepparttar 147353 most exacting forms of copywriting. In twenty words or less you have to grabrepparttar 147354 customer’s attention, and excite them enough to prompt them into calling you for more information. You can’t rely on eye catching illustrations or professional layouts to catchrepparttar 147355 reader’s attention. It’s all in what you say.

Here’s how you write a good classified ad that works:

1. First you need to define what you wantrepparttar 147356 ad to accomplish. Do you wantrepparttar 147357 customer to readrepparttar 147358 ad and smile? Or do you want them to read your ad and call you immediately? Obviouslyrepparttar 147359 answer isrepparttar 147360 latter ofrepparttar 147361 two.

2. Next decide what type of person is most likely to purchase your product or service. This is called creating a customer profile. Ask yourself questions like: Are they a man or a woman? Are they young or old? Are they rich or poor? Ask yourself as many questions as possible to help create a profile for your potential customers. If you struggle to identify who you are going to sell your product or service to, then it is almost impossible to write an ad that will grab their attention.

3. Withrepparttar 147362 most likely customer profile developed in step two above, you should make a list of allrepparttar 147363 “hot buttons”, those words, ideas, and concepts that are most likely to grabrepparttar 147364 immediate attention of anyone inrepparttar 147365 group of customers you have identified. These hot buttons might be simple phrases like “work at home”, “financial freedom”, “lose weight overnight”, “exciting job opportunity”, or “immediate loans”.

Increase Your Profits Through Customer Loyalty

Written by Jason Morris

The job of convincing your existing customers to spend higher and more often can be an extremely tough task. There are many ways of achieving customer loyalty. It can be far more profitable to market existing and new products to an established customer base, than to try and attract new buyers. Offering incentives such as: loyalty discounts, increased order discounts, attractive credit terms, bonuses and dedicated account managers are just a few tried and tested methods for maintaining and increasing customer loyalty.

Never forget that it costs your business far more to attract new customers, than it does to market to your existing customer base. In fact, research shows that in some cases it can cost up to fifteen times more to attract new customers, than it does to keep existing ones. So it really does pay to look after your existing loyal customers, strive to meet, and even exceed all their needs, however demanding. Rememberrepparttar phrase “the customer is always right”.

Offering a cheap product is notrepparttar 147346 only reason loyal customers come back to you again and again. There are other factors such as: service, knowledge and professionalism to be taken into account, as well as price. You have to give your customers as many reasons as possible to stay loyal to your company. Havingrepparttar 147347 cheapest price for a given product or service is not alwaysrepparttar 147348 answer some people think it is. In fact many customers may perceive that a cheaper selling price indicates an inferior product or service. Differentiate between your product and that of your competitors as much as possible, and focus on why your service is better than that of your competitors.

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