The Secrets of…

Written by Lil Waldner

The Secrets of…

A lot of advertising and mailings promise to revealrepparttar secrets of something. Most of this kind of mailings deal with search engine optimization. They promise to know how to achieve a high ranking at Google. They tellrepparttar 142114 readers that they have a special access to Google or that they have crackedrepparttar 142115 algorithm how Google ranks websites.

Secrets are always exciting!

People are attracted easily by secrets. There is something special with them. Crackingrepparttar 142116 secrets ofrepparttar 142117 Google algorithm seems to be a mystery like findingrepparttar 142118 Holy Grail. It isrepparttar 142119 Holy Grail ofrepparttar 142120 internet community indeed! No wonder that a lot of e-books are offered that promise to findrepparttar 142121 grail that leads to a ranking amongrepparttar 142122 top ten at Google search engine!

Why do merchants sellrepparttar 142123 knowledge about a secret?

Have you ever asked yourself why these Gurus and authors sellrepparttar 142124 secret how to get ranked onrepparttar 142125 top for a few dozens of dollars? Why do these people not keep and exploitrepparttar 142126 secret for themselves? They could become incredibly rich be keeping silent, because there is no advantage, if everybody knows and usesrepparttar 142127 same secret.

Or is it similar withrepparttar 142128 systems that promise high winnings in lotteries or Roulette? Some people make also a lot of money by selling such systems. If their systems were waterproof, they would monopolize and exploit it and not sell books about it.

Otherwise: Firms usually protect their secrets about their produces with patents and licenses. They only sellrepparttar 142129 right to use their patents for a fortune, not for dozens of dollars.

Sellingrepparttar 142130 secret as good business

Sellingrepparttar 142131 secret methods to success and wealth is a business of it’s own. There is a lot of literature about how people can find their way to a lucky and wealthy life. Thousands and thousands of people try to get rich inrepparttar 142132 online business. They are eager to learn how it works and how they can expose their websites inrepparttar 142133 best way. And a lot of skills are needed, indeed, to move a website torepparttar 142134 top. It’s obvious that all these tips and tricks – enwrapped inrepparttar 142135 mysteries of secrets – sell themselves.

Link Building 101

Written by Brett Hart

Success in live comes through building and sustaining both personal and professional relationships. As human beings, we strive to be atrepparttar right place atrepparttar 141796 right time in order to makerepparttar 141797 right connection. We quickly learn that each right connection links to another and before we know it, we are part of a network.

Do you wonder why your site does not receiverepparttar 141798 traffic you believe it deserves? The only people visiting your website are current customers. Where arerepparttar 141799 new customersrepparttar 141800 web designer promised you? One ofrepparttar 141801 most overlooked steps in creation of a website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We like to think that search engines will crawl our website and shazaam, like magic, we appear atrepparttar 141802 top ofrepparttar 141803 results for our keywords. Unfortunately, it rarely works that way. We need to build relationships or “links” to our sites. While this can be a daunting endeavor, it can be very rewarding.

We are going to look at link building theory and practice. How do you letrepparttar 141804 world, more accuratelyrepparttar 141805 web, know you are open for business? Where do you begin building links? What about link building software? What are directories? Who are your top competitors? Who links to them? How do you ask for a link? Do you want reciprocal links? How many links do you need? These arerepparttar 141806 questions all website owners and link builders need to answer.

Search engines look at links as votes. The more links your website has,repparttar 141807 more votes it has to be number 1, orrepparttar 141808 “authority” on your subject matter. Not all links are created equal. Links from more popular websites are weighted heavier then links from less popular sites. Search engines are now smart enough to know that content is related, so, links from relevant sites are more important then links from sites which are irrelevant.

The link text will help you rank better for your keywords. If possible get intorepparttar 141809 major directories. Avoid FFA's or "Free For All" link farms.

How do you letrepparttar 141810 world know you are open for business?

PR or public relations. The way most link builders will approach this is to create a press release that is disseminated torepparttar 141811 right people. How do we know we reachrepparttar 141812 right people? In a recent talk with Eric Ward,repparttar 141813 father of link building, I learned that most ofrepparttar 141814 press release web services allow a person to subscribe to items that interest them. If a person runs a widget website and is interested in widgets, they will receive any press release that is related to widgets. Often, they may listrepparttar 141815 new widget information on their own website. That's an easy link. The press release itself is another link. Yes, it may cost a bit of money to draft andrepparttar 141816 service may not be free, but you have built several links with a simple press release.

Link Building Software

Link building software automatesrepparttar 141817 task of collecting relevant sites and their contact information, based on keywords. Many ofrepparttar 141818 available software packages include an automatic contact manager that allows you to contact sites with very little effort. It is generally excepted that you should not userepparttar 141819 automatic contact features. Instead userepparttar 141820 software to identify sites and contact them manually. Many webmasters feelrepparttar 141821 automated emails to be spam and will reject, with prejudice, any site that asks for a link using them. Software should be used in addition to other link building strategies.

The directories

The major pay for inclusion directories include Yahoo and These directories charge to be included in their database of websites. They are often used by major search engines to help determine rank. Don't forgetrepparttar 141822 free directories such asrepparttar 141823 ODP and The ODP (Open Directory Project) is at They are selective onrepparttar 141824 sites they include. Not all websites will be able to obtain a link atrepparttar 141825 ODP. onrepparttar 141826 other hand is very easy to get into. You will have to join to enter your site into their database, it's very easy to do, and is a super easy link to obtain.

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