The Secret to this Famous Singer's Success

Written by Jason M. Gracia

It seemsrepparttar longer think we have,repparttar 143315 longer we put off livingrepparttar 143316 life we see in our heads.

You know what I'm talking about. The way you wish things were. Not that you want everything to change, just a few areas of your life. And because you feel like you've got some time to kill, you'll get to it -


I know where you think I'm going, and I also know you've heard it all before: seizerepparttar 143317 day, makerepparttar 143318 most of it, live life to its fullest, and on and on. But that'srepparttar 143319 problem. You've heard it all before. These ideas have lost their impact and have become cliche.

Luckily, that's not my thing.

I'm not about to tell you to live it up and then walk away thinking all your problems will be solved.

No,repparttar 143320 answer isn't a catchy saying. The real answers wake something up inside you. They hit a chord and make you think. That's what I want to give you today. A story that wakes you up torepparttar 143321 truth.

HEARD OF THESE TUNES? Here'srepparttar 143322 problem: We think we have forever and a day to dorepparttar 143323 things we want to do.

Here'srepparttar 143324 truth: We only have a sliver of time to put together a great life and need to get moving today.

And here is today's solution: The story of Bobby Darin.

If you haven't heard ofrepparttar 143325 man, I know you've heard his songs. Among his many hits are Mackrepparttar 143326 Knife, Beyondrepparttar 143327 Sea, Dream Lover, and Splish Splash.

Inrepparttar 143328 span of only seven years, Darin had several top ten hit songs, was nominated for four Grammy Awards (winning two), nominated for four Golden Globes (winning one), and even nominated for an Oscar.

In a word, he was driven.

So what was his secret?

THE TRUTH THAT DRIVE HIM TO TRIUMPH All his life, Darin suffered from a heart condition that developed from a childhood illness.

Top Five Reasons to Cultivate Your Creativity

Written by Lael Johnson

Copyright 2005 Writer's Eye Advisory Service

Cultivating your creativity is more than spending time with a hobby or performing and displaying your work. Cultivating your creativity takes time, awareness and deliberate action.† Creativity like any other skill, needs to be nurtured and affirmed, as well as directed, in order to expand throughout your life. Creativity crosses all barriers,cultures,even when styles differ and philosophies change. Creativity never changes.† Itís time to put away those past negative influences, including no more starving artist scenarios.† Letís explore what creativity really is.

REASON ONE:† Creativity is born in movement, be it physical, intellectual, enmotional or spiritual or any combination thereof. When you perceive change going on in your life , some part ofrepparttar creative process is onrepparttar 143243 move.

REASON TWO: Training yourself to create art regularly contributes significantly to making an idea work by exploring, expanding, building,† performing or sharing it.

REASON THREE The creative process takes time. However, it can be structured and directed. You can finish your creative projects on or before your deadline.

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