The Secret to a Prosperous Life, Online or Off - Part 3

Written by Mary Wilkey

And therein liesrepparttar key to success at anything and everything: NEVER QUIT! As long as you never quit, you cannot fail!

Well, by now everyone has realized thatrepparttar 131482 little lady inrepparttar 131483 story eventually realized all of her fondest dreams and wishes—not because she sat around idly daydreaming and wishing, but because she activated her faith and put wings on her dreams.

She got READY to receive her blessings. She took AIM with precision by knowing exactly what she wanted. She FIRED her "magic bullet" rifle repeatedly until each dream materialized. It never occurred to her to stop firing—and when her rifle was emptied out, she just reloaded and continued to fire until things were just as she had pictured them.

Notice that at no time did she use a shotgun—her aim was highly targeted, and she kept her eyes on her goals at all times. Inrepparttar 131484 face of any adversity, she put "blinders" on and plunged ahead with dogged determination.

Which brings us to another piece ofrepparttar 131485 equation: persistence. Another way to describe persistence is not to take "no" for an answer. And there is only one thing that will allow you to conjure up persistence: burning desire. You must desire repparttar 131486 object of your dreams with ALL YOUR HEART. The Lord said, "You will find me when you search for me with all your heart."

Becoming Assertive

Written by Mike Moore


If you're one ofrepparttar many who find it difficult to assert themselvesrepparttar 131480 following might be of assistance. Remember, you don't exist on this planet to be someone's doormat.

1. Don't avoid expressing your negative or critical feelings. They are not bad or improper, they are just your feelings and you are entitled to them.

2. Feelings aren't facts. They are just feelings.

3. Use "I" Language to indicate thatrepparttar 131481 feelings you are expressing are yours. You are not accusing or judging anyone.

4. You don't have to justify your feelings, you only need to state them.

5. Assertive behaviour discloses your wants, needs ,preferences and opinions. Aggressive behaviour discounts, ignores and over-ridesrepparttar 131482 wants, needs, preferences and opinions of others.

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