The Secret to a Prosperous Life, Online or Off - Part 2

Written by Mary Wilkey

My next discovery/conclusion was that, if I'm ever to succeed in accomplishing my income goals online (or off line, for that matter), I need to first of all decide EXACTLY what I want out of life and what kind of income I'm trying to establish to fulfill those dreams, so that I can conjure up a concrete mental picture of it.

You know, there is a story in one of my very favorite books that I mentioned a couple of issues back. (For those of you who missed my list of favorite books and would like to have it, just visitrepparttar archives at

In "Riches Within Your Reach," Robert Collier tells about a certain woman who had lost her job through no fault of her own. A widow, she wasrepparttar 131478 sole support of her three children and herself, and try as she might, she'd found it impossible to obtain gainful employment. She was nearingrepparttar 131479 end of her rope, her money was about to run out, andrepparttar 131480 landlord was threatening eviction.

One day as she set out to look for a job, she happened to stop by a magazine stand, and her eye was caught by a title about "treasure-mapping" for success and supply. She was led to buyrepparttar 131481 magazine, but instead of looking for work that day, she went home (something totally illogical, which we'll talk about another time) and devouredrepparttar 131482 entire magazine —that attracting article in particular.

Then she dug out a bunch of old papers and set to work to put together a treasure map—so many things came to her mind to put on it—first, repparttar 131483 little cottage atrepparttar 131484 edge of town, thenrepparttar 131485 little dress shop she'd always longed for, then a car—and in that cottage would be a piano forrepparttar 131486 girls—and a yard inrepparttar 131487 back where she could grow flowers— she worked all day and cut pictures and words and sentences out of papers and magazines—all connected withrepparttar 131488 idea of success and abundance.

She worked and worked on her treasure map, carefully placing inrepparttar 131489 middle of it a picture of a little storeroom, underneath which she pastedrepparttar 131490 words "Betty's Style Shop" and pictures of fashionable clothing. Throughoutrepparttar 131491 treasure map she inserted little mottoes and sayings, all carrying outrepparttar 131492 idea of success, abundance, happiness, and harmony, and she was getting more excited allrepparttar 131493 while.

Nourish Your Soul

Written by Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

(c)2001 Nourish- to feed or sustain with substances necessary for life or growth; to promote growth; to maintain or support; to nurture.

Soul-repparttar immaterial essence, animating principle or actuating cause of an individual;repparttar 131476 spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings orrepparttar 131477 universe; a person’s total self.

The holistic health field abounds with articles and books all teaching a variety of ways to nurture our souls. What exactly does all this mean and why is so important?

Our soul beingrepparttar 131478 very essence of whom and what we are is our life force and therefore it needs food on a regular basis to sustain us and prevent us from becoming stagnant and unfulfilled with life.

So what is nourishing torepparttar 131479 soul? The things that make you feel whole, alive, and one withrepparttar 131480 universe (or God) is your soul food. This will vary from individual to individual, as our souls are very unique and complex, although many of us have some commonalities. Some common sources of soul food are nature, music, dancing, deep relationships, meditation, walking, prayer and many more.

My most important source of soul food is nature. Doing things like spending time byrepparttar 131481 lake, taking walks and country rides, admiring repparttar 131482 cloud formations, feeding and watchingrepparttar 131483 birds, feeding a stray cat, gazing atrepparttar 131484 stars and moon is what is most nourishing me. Nature is my lifeline. It rejuvenates me and helps me to go on. It makes me feel alive, full of life and connected torepparttar 131485 universe. There is nothing more nourishing to me than spending a day on a blanket by my favorite lake and being intimate with nature, especially on a warm fall day whenrepparttar 131486 leaves are bursting with color. Spending it with someone I love and engaging in deep conversation is even better. Writing, reading, certain types of music and singing along, dancing, deep relationships and prayer also nurture me.

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