The Secret to Return Traffic on Your Website

Written by Andrew A. DeMuth

Okay, if you are reading this, you are probably a hard-charging, stay-up-til-all-hours-working-on-the site, make-another-pot-of-coffee webmaster looking for ideas on how to build return traffic.

Well, we've done very well with enticing visitors to come back, and our secret is very simple: Offer milk.

Still with us? Good.

Every local convenience store or bodega carries milk. They don't do it forrepparttar profit either as milk has a very low markup. They do it because people need milk every week, sometimes twice a week.

Milk keeps customers coming back. Quite often, afterrepparttar 148248 customer picks uprepparttar 148249 container of milk, they grab a few other things while inrepparttar 148250 store. When this occurs, milk has served its purpose. (Stores also situate milk inrepparttar 148251 section ofrepparttar 148252 store farthest fromrepparttar 148253 entrance, thus makingrepparttar 148254 customer have to walk by and look at allrepparttar 148255 other products, but we'll save this for another article)

Hencerepparttar 148256 question: Does your website offer milk?

Okay, enough withrepparttar 148257 "milk" metaphor.

Does your website offer content that would give visitorsrepparttar 148258 desire to return? If not, you need to get to work.

There are many types of content that can achieve this purpose. Let's take a look at a few.

Message Boards This is probablyrepparttar 148259 most effective technique. Message boards are outstanding for drawing return traffic, especially when hot topics are going. There has been much written on how to promote and establish a successful message board. A rather nice side benefit ofrepparttar 148260 message board isrepparttar 148261 fact thatrepparttar 148262 content is provided free of charge from forum members. If your forum threads get indexed by search engines, they will help draw new traffic as well.

Teasers on Upcoming Pieces When you begin working on a new piece or project, do you promote in on your site? How about announcing in a highly visible area, "Coming This Monday, How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days!" Give visitors something in which to look forward.

Website Polls Okay, polls won't draw that much traffic, but some visitors are very curious as to how poll numbers progress. Every little bit helps.

News Headlines Updated Daily This is just another excellent technique for bringing back traffic. If your site is about baseball, creating a News Headlines section of baseball headlines linking torepparttar 148263 actual articles is a very successful draw for return visitors. Yes,repparttar 148264 visitors are exitingrepparttar 148265 site viarepparttar 148266 headline link, but they came back today forrepparttar 148267 headlines and will be back tomorrow. (Also, by designingrepparttar 148268 link so it opens to a new page reducesrepparttar 148269 amount of traffic that actually leaves) If your budget for outsourcing to a news headlines service is limited, you can use Google alerts, andrepparttar 148270 headlines will be sent to you every day. You just paste them ontorepparttar 148271 page. Not very hard at all.

Website Starters: Personal Web Pages

Written by Sid John

Some people are looking for a webpage as a quick way to express themselves or to keep in touch with friends and family. Fortunately, there are many options to setup a personal web page online.

Blogs are a good way to start

Free blogs from services like Blogger, Blog-city and others are a good way to setup a personal web page. They offer lots of space, good indexing in search engines if you desire andrepparttar platforms are easy to use. Just do a quick sign up, add your content, a few pictures and you’re done.

Traditional web page

Yahoo Geocities, Bravenet and a few other online services still offer free web pages for anyone. In addition, these larger communities will give you lots of tools such as guest books, library of pictures, animations, chat rooms, scripts and millions of people that are already listed.

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