The Secret To Making Money On The Internet!

Written by Jason Isakson

The Secret Of Making Real Money On The Internet

The internet isrepparttar perfect place for anyone to make a steady income yet many people fall victim to allrepparttar 144292 hype and loose focus of one main goal that is easily attainable to make money. Sure there are affiliate programs and other ways to make money online but if you really want to make big money onrepparttar 144293 internet you need to start your own website. Itís simple to start and oncerepparttar 144294 money starts coming in you will never want to stop!

When I first started onrepparttar 144295 internet nine years ago I fell victim to every money making plan you could think of and spent a lot of money. Yet it isrepparttar 144296 experience that has helped me find my path to my internet fortune. It all begins in your mind and you must follow through with what ever idea you have cause you can make it a reality.

1.Make or resell your own product onrepparttar 144297 internet where you get paid 100% ofrepparttar 144298 profits. The reason behind this is if you sell affiliate products you only get a small part ofrepparttar 144299 sale. For example, if you sold product as an affiliate for $29.99 you might get a commission of $14.00 per sale but if you ownedrepparttar 144300 product you would getrepparttar 144301 full payment of $29.99 to you. 2.Get a domain name and set up web hosting for your website. This can be done at a very low price. Donít get a website with free hosting cause many companies are not dependable. has a very reasonable web hosting package for any budget and great customer service 24/7. 3.Get your own merchant account! This would berepparttar 144302 most important part of your business to controlrepparttar 144303 money you make. Sure you could use third party merchant accounts like Pay Pal, Storm Pay etcÖBut you would rather haverepparttar 144304 money you make deposited right in your bank account. If you make $1000 in one day it is deposited in your bank account for easy access to your profitsrepparttar 144305 same day! 4.Make sure you are able to capture your website visitors e mail address and first name. Then you could run your own newsletter and inform your customers of special deals and refer them to other websites where you can earn affiliate fees. That way you can follow up with customers to come back to your website. For example letís say that you want to run a half price sale on a product exclusive to people on your mailing list. A Dear Diane, heading would be read more than just a general Hey look at this! So always capturerepparttar 144306 persons name with an e mail address so you can personalizerepparttar 144307 e mails you send. 5.Design your website to sell! Make sure you give allrepparttar 144308 information about your product and always staterepparttar 144309 benefits of you product. Make sure every aspect of your website is functional and that you are ready to begin taking orders. 6.Register you website withrepparttar 144310 top 10 search engines with keywords related to your website. The top ten as of this writing are Yahoo, Google, Teoma,, Netscape Search, Wisenut, MSN, Gigablast, AskJeeves, AltaVista. Registering with search engines is important for people to find your website online.

Home Based Business Or Lottery Ticket?

Written by Jeff Pritchard

Since I have a website that shows people a sane and reliable way to build a small business from home in their spare time, I have to do a lot of research in this area. I'm consistently appalled by what passes for a "business opportunity" onrepparttar web these days. "Earn $30,000 per month without lifting a finger", "For just $99 we will set you up with a complete business that runs itself!". It's really sad, but many many people fall victim to these scams and either wind up giving up onrepparttar 144252 idea of starting a real business at home, or atrepparttar 144253 very least loose some money and delay any possibility of success.

It seems like it would almost be more honest forrepparttar 144254 web page atrepparttar 144255 other end of these bogus claims to be a page selling lottery tickets. I've got nothing against lottery tickets. You pay your money and you take your chances. Your chances are not very good, but then,repparttar 144256 ticket doesn't cost much either. With a lottery ticket at least you do have SOME chance of winningrepparttar 144257 big bucks. Withrepparttar 144258 vast majority of sites claiming to have a "business opportunity" to sell you,repparttar 144259 "ticket price" is much higher and there is literally no chance whatsoever that you will make any decent money.

How can you tellrepparttar 144260 fakes and frauds fromrepparttar 144261 real thing? It's actually quite simple.

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