The Secret To Creating A Great Reputation For Your Online Business

Written by Alex Parker

The secret to creating a great reputation for your online business is so obvious that many webmasters overlook it. I’m going to tell yourepparttar secret and then I’ll show you some ways to putrepparttar 125078 secret into action.

But, first, what exactly is “reputation?”

Reputation is one’s character as viewed byrepparttar 125079 community at large. Just think of reputation as being an opinion about a person, or a business, that is held byrepparttar 125080 general public.

Naturally,repparttar 125081 aim of a webmaster is to create and build a good reputation. After all, if you and your business have a good reputation then it means that people trust you. And, if people trust you they will be more eager to buy whatever it is you are selling. They will also be enthusiastic when telling others about your product or service.

The secret to creating a great reputation is simple. In order to build a great reputation you must go out there and tell others what a great reputation you have. Yes. Shout it out loud! Tell everyone you meet what a wonderful reputation you have inrepparttar 125082 __________ industry. (You fill inrepparttar 125083 blank.)

I know. It sounds a bit ridiculous when you first hear it. But stop and think about it. How often do you hear people onrepparttar 125084 street say something like “Dr. Jones has a fine reputation.” Well, where do you supposerepparttar 125085 people who are saying these things gotrepparttar 125086 idea that Dr. Jones’ reputation is so grand? From Dr. Jones, of course. Or, from Dr. Jones’ television ads. Or, from Dr. Jones’ brochures.

Webmasters, like other business owners, must be confident. If you don’t have enough confidence to tell others about how great your product or service is then why should anyone else talk about it?

So, let’s assume that you haverepparttar 125087 confidence andrepparttar 125088 touch of arrogance you need to begin building your “great reputation.” How do you getrepparttar 125089 word out torepparttar 125090 online community?

Well,repparttar 125091 ideas are endless but basically you just need to advertise how great you are. Advertise it any way you can. Keep it simple. For example, you could say something like “Visit Our reputation is one ofrepparttar 125092 best inrepparttar 125093 web design industry.”

"Designing the PDF Sampler"

Written by Howard Hopkins

After recently signing a six ebook deal with Atlantic Bridge Publishing (, I quickly realized promotion would be a whole different ball game. I was used to promoting my Lance Howard print westerns to certain areas, and, indeed, I would be able to adapt a number of techniques to ebooks: bookmarks, promocards, postcards, etc. Having a bit of experience with ebooks previously, however, I soon realized I would need a somewhat different mindset forrepparttar novels, which spannedrepparttar 125077 range from horror to ripper/western and YA series horror. Many avenues used for print wouldn't work as well and would have to be modified, with many new ideas instituted.

The first of these new ides wasrepparttar 125078 PDF Sampler. After a little thought, I decided why not take a print technique I'd used, that of printing out a number of pages and binding them together with a color copy ofrepparttar 125079 cover as a give away, and transpose it for online promotion.

To make your PDF Sampler, you will need either your word processor or Powerpoint, or some program that allows you to use text and graphics together. The sampler will be nothing too complicated or fancy so MS Word will do, if you are comfortable using that.

The Sampler should be short, torepparttar 125080 point and snappy enough to attract attention to your new ebook release. My short story horror anthology DARK HARBORS had what I consideredrepparttar 125081 most eye-catching cover, so I chose that book. I usedrepparttar 125082 cover forrepparttar 125083 first page.(In Word use insert picture from file) Onrepparttar 125084 second page I wanted a teaser, something short and mysterious to go along withrepparttar 125085 tone ofrepparttar 125086 book, something that would encourage a reader to keep going. I came up withrepparttar 125087 phrase: "Whererepparttar 125088 sins ofrepparttar 125089 past are never buried..." and gave it a page of its own. Onrepparttar 125090 next page I listedrepparttar 125091 publisher url, then onrepparttar 125092 nextrepparttar 125093 title and author.

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