The Secret Behind Million-Dollar Ads

Written by David Garfinkel

Dale Carnegie knewrepparttar secret, and that's one reason his book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" has sold more than 15 million copies. In fact, British Airways recently named it, "The Business Book ofrepparttar 101078 20th Century."

It's a great book. But if Dale had titled it "How to Remember People's Names and Curb Your Incessant Urge to Argue," do you think it would have sold as well? Probably not. There's great power in good titles.

What you may not realize isrepparttar 101079 words "How to Win Friends and Influence People" are not onlyrepparttar 101080 title ofrepparttar 101081 book. Those words were alsorepparttar 101082 headline of a mail-order ad, which soldrepparttar 101083 book. The ad ran successfully for many years and sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

So what does this have to do with turning your advertising into an irresistible customer magnet?

Here's what. Behindrepparttar 101084 title and headline is a "secret code" that makes it powerful. Dale knew it. Great advertising copywriters know it. And now, you're going to know it, too.

The "secret code" is actually a generic formula that gets attention and creates desire in your prospect's mind. Every winning headline has a unique generic formula hidden inside. Here'srepparttar 101085 formula in Dale Carnegie's book title and headline:

How to _____ and _____.

Let's seerepparttar 101086 formula at work. Say you are an executive Recruiter, and you help companies find new executives. In reality, your biggest problem is findingrepparttar 101087 executive candidates inrepparttar 101088 first place. So, to increase your group of candidates, you decide to run an ad in your local business journal. Here's how you could use this formula to write a headline for your ad:

How to Get a Better Job and Make More Money

…and right away anyone who's even a little interested would read your ad. Then, if your copy (text) is even halfway decent, you'd get plenty of calls.

Or, let's say you run a martial arts school. Here's how you could applyrepparttar 101089 formula in an advertising headline to get you new students:

How to Stay Fit and Protect Yourself

Do you see how powerful that is? You've just zeroed-in on people who are likely to be interested in learning martial arts.

Your Brand, Your Success, Market Your Money

Written by Barrett Niehus

Your Brand, Your Success, Market Your Money

By Barrett Niehus

Arguably,repparttar most effective logo or brand name ever created is that ofrepparttar 101077 Harley Davidson eagle and logo. If you don't believe me, just name another corporate logo that is routinely tattooed on a willing participant's body. How many people acrossrepparttar 101078 planet have voluntarily become a walking billboard for repparttar 101079 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation? How was this brand recognition and dedication created? Effective brand marketing, proper positioning within a market, and selling torepparttar 101080 markets most fundamental wants. What lessons can be learned from Harley Davidson's marketing strategy? The answer is all of them.

Your corporate brand and associated logo presentrepparttar 101081 fundamental essence of your company. It is your name and logo that people recognize. Your logo is a symbol of your company, and it isrepparttar 101082 constant promotion of this symbol that creates recognition in your customer's mind. Therefore, always make sure your logo adequately represents your company, and always include your logo on your correspondence, and marketing material.

Branding you logo is an essential step in securing your market. Branding requires that you continually present your target market with your logo while associatingrepparttar 101083 image withrepparttar 101084 services and products that you offer. The intention is to hel0p your customer create a mental relationship withrepparttar 101085 image so that they know exactly whatrepparttar 101086 logo represents whenever they see it. The mental relationship can be a product such as IP Ware Software ( or an image and lifestyle such as Nike (,) and Harley Davidson ( Regardless ofrepparttar 101087 service or product, your brand and logo should create a strong mental relationship with your target market.

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