The Second Time - Another White Wedding?

Written by Elena

That first wedding was a dream, a gorgeous long white wedding dress, a beautiful church, luscious bridesmaids andrepparttar groom in tails. Plus allrepparttar 143674 trimmings and a heavenly reception and a great honeymoon.

Upsetting as it is, at least 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. But we don't give up do we? Some 80 percent of us marry again. Hopefully, we're a little wiser, a little more experienced and a little more sensiblerepparttar 143675 second time. And a little more relaxed.

The formal, traditional white wedding is not only expensive, it can be incredibly stressful despiterepparttar 143676 power of our dreams and fantasies andrepparttar 143677 years we spent imagining just how it would be. For most,repparttar 143678 second time isn't seen as particularly suitable for a traditional white wedding.

While many of us settle for a simple exchange of vows and a much less formal party for friends and relatives, you may want to consider a couple delightful alternatives.

Remember, a second wedding is still a wedding. You and your other are making a real and significant commitment to a life together. It deserves to be marked off fromrepparttar 143679 more mundane events of everyday life.

Events that are significant markers in our lives are normally weighted with significance by traditions, unusual activities, special psychological and social meanings. This makes them stand out and marks transitions from one phase of our life to a new phase. Anthropologists call them rites of passage and weddings are a prime example.

One lovely new development has beenrepparttar 143680 growth of both theme weddings and destination weddings. They can be especially well suited torepparttar 143681 second wedding. Theme weddings can be nearly anything you can conceive of - from medieval with antique styled Gothic wedding dresses torepparttar 143682 extremely casual styles associated with a beach wedding. You can truly let your imagination run riot. For you and your guests it can offer an absolutely unique experience that will be remembered forever.

Alternatively, destination weddings can be of any type. Whilerepparttar 143683 basic idea is that it takes place in some beautiful, exotic or historical setting, far from your day-to-day life, you can arrange for anything from a full-blown white wedding to a small cozy informal exchange of vows outdoors in a natural setting so lovely that no added frills are necessary.

Las Vegas Florists have Flower Power!

Written by Randy Wilson

Flowers have long been a traditional way of expressing love and commitment at a wedding. Even in Shakespeare’s time it was common to strew a bridal bed with fresh petals to wishrepparttar couple a fruitful marriage. You will want to chooserepparttar 143634 most meaningful silk or real arrangements for your own nuptials, something that reflects your personality and style. You can adornrepparttar 143635 pews with blooms, decoraterepparttar 143636 altar with plants or blossoms, and spruce uprepparttar 143637 reception tables with gorgeous centerpieces made of greenery, ferns, or other floral arrangements. Many Las Vegas florists offerrepparttar 143638 most contemporary designs and freshest arrangements that money can buy.

Bridal bouquets can be created from sprays of roses, carnations, or many other kinds of attractive flowers. Your Las Vegas florist will work with you to coordinate this important part of your ceremony with your chosen theme as well asrepparttar 143639 season and color scheme that has been selected. You can choose from existing patterns or create a totally new Las Vegas floral arrangement to suit your mood. Or leaverepparttar 143640 design to one ofrepparttar 143641 renowned Las Vegas floral shops. Many owners and staff members have taken cLasses or won awards for their artistry. Check outrepparttar 143642 wonderful arrangements that combine fresh or silk flowers, lace, jewels, or ribbons as well as many other decorative touches.

In addition torepparttar 143643 traditional use of bridal flowers, consider alternative bouquets or corsages for members ofrepparttar 143644 bridal party’s family. Choices might include in-laws, step-family members, close friends, and others who will be joining you to celebrate this special day. Prices range from a few dollars to several hundred per arrangement. It’s up to you how much to spend when making your bridal budget.

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