The Search Engine Showdown

Written by Courtney Heard

f you're anything like me, you have a favourite search engine and you're loyal to it. You never use any others (which made this research difficult for yours truly), insist yours isrepparttar be-all and end-all and you even go so far as to deny any shortcomings it may have. But is your search engine trulyrepparttar 127821 best? Inspired by a great article atrepparttar 127822 BBC News (BBC News: Search Wars), we decided to comparerepparttar 127823 major search engines. Here's what we found.

We choserepparttar 127824 search term "real estate fiji" because it's a competitive industry and geographically specific. We also searched withrepparttar 127825 same phrase, misspelled to see ifrepparttar 127826 search engine would suggestrepparttar 127827 correct spelling.


• Initially loadingrepparttar 127828 search page for Google is lightning fast. • The look is clean and easy to understand. • Search time was 0.15 seconds. • The search yielded 1,190,000 results. • All results onrepparttar 127829 first page were relevant. • Spellcheck was available.


• Initially loadingrepparttar 127830 search page for Yahoo! is a little bit slower than Google, but still fast. • Search time was 0.18 seconds. • The search yielded 711,000 results. • It is difficult to tellrepparttar 127831 sponsored links fromrepparttar 127832 actual web results. • All results onrepparttar 127833 first page were relevant, however one of them directed you to another set of results for your search at • Spellcheck was available.


• Initially loadingrepparttar 127834 search page for AskJeeves is fast. • Search time was not posted and was much slower than Google & Yahoo!. • The search yielded 63,100 results. • Sponsored links take uprepparttar 127835 whole screen. You have to scroll down to seerepparttar 127836 web results. • All first page results were relevant. • Spellcheck was available.

• Initially loadingrepparttar 127837 search page for A9 is fast. • Search time was not posted but was average. • The search yielded 209,000 results. • Allrepparttar 127838 results onrepparttar 127839 first page were relevant. • There were image results alongsiderepparttar 127840 text results. This could be helpful. • Spellcheck was available.


• Initially loadingrepparttar 127841 search page for MSN is fast. • Search time was not posted but was average. • The search yielded 112,607 results. • All except one ofrepparttar 127842 results were relevant. This result pointed to Philippines real estate. Also, onerepparttar 127843 results directed you to DMOZ, where a second search for your keywords is performed. • Spellcheck was available.


• Initially loadingrepparttar 127844 search page for Alexa was fast. • Search time was not posted but was somewhat slow. • The search yielded 208,000 results. • It was difficult to tellrepparttar 127845 sponsored results fromrepparttar 127846 web results. • Some results included screen shots. • The look was kind of disorganized. • Spellcheck was available.

How I reached #1 in Yahoo!

Written by Michael Rock

How I reached #1 in Yahoo!®


            By accident, no all that reading and studying statistics finally paid off.  I started out by reading articles from people with opposing views and trying to figure out who was wrong and who was right.  To findrepparttar right person to listen to I didn’t only look at his educational background, but was more interested in his results.  Good thing too, because results I found.  And I hope people look at my results to help them reach #1.

            Inrepparttar 127820 past I had a great working simple traffic tracker on my site that started stated someone visited my site by typing in ‘online editor flash sites’ into Yahoo!.  I went to Yahoo! And typed inrepparttar 127821 keyword phrase and found out I hit #1 out of 1,040,000 hits!  Two weeks later I dropped to #2 and found out that my other site took #1.  Now I hadrepparttar 127822 #1 and #2 position in Yahoo!.  My world changed forever and at that moment and never will go back.  Today I have more sophisticated software, charts, data, articles, and trends referenced for my webs posted onrepparttar 127823 wall.  I maintain contact with forum discussions and receive up-to-date news in my email telling me of changes taking place.  I have achievedrepparttar 127824 top 10 list inrepparttar 127825 top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN) and wish to educate you on how to dorepparttar 127826 same.


Part One:  Keywords and Keyword Phrases


SEO- search engine optimization;repparttar 127827 process of designing your site to achieve high rankings inrepparttar 127828 search engine


            Pickingrepparttar 127829 right keywords is essential.  Step into your customer’s shoes and think of what keywords they would use to findrepparttar 127830 information on your site and write them down in a list.  Get your friends and others with different opinions and ask them what they would type to findrepparttar 127831 information that is located on your site.  Add these keywords and phrases to your list.  Now check your competitors’ sites that have reached #1 status inrepparttar 127832 search engines.  (Careful don’t pick sponsored sites located atrepparttar 127833 top or side, they got there by using a PPC (pay per click) ad campaign.  You wantrepparttar 127834 non-sponsored sites.  Right click anywhere onrepparttar 127835 page and select view source to seerepparttar 127836 site in html format.  Underrepparttar 127837 header tag called <META name="keywords" content="keywords are here” you will findrepparttar 127838 keywords thatrepparttar 127839 site used to get torepparttar 127840 top.  Add these keywords to your list.

            Now you should have about 40 to 50 keywords and keyword phrases in your list to research.  (Byrepparttar 127841 way 2 or 3 word keyword phrases are usedrepparttar 127842 most today, when only a few months ago 1 word keywords were used.)  Just following one of these three avenues (your list, your friends list, and view source) will not get you torepparttar 127843 top, you must use all three and researchrepparttar 127844 40-50 words to get torepparttar 127845 top.

            Now take these 40-50 keywords torepparttar 127846 search engines and type them in.  Dorepparttar 127847 results pertain torepparttar 127848 information on your site?  If not, cross them off.  You should have about 40 keywords left.

            Here is a good SEO (search engine optimization)

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