The Search Engine Optimization Game Is Getting Tricky

Written by Tom Worsley

For more than 4 years now I have been modifying my work from home based web sites trying to optimize forrepparttar major search engines, Especially Goggle. Today with much disappointment I have come torepparttar 127728 realization that search engine traffic alone will not make me rich. Yes my search engine rankings are now worse today than when I started 4 years ago.

Google is constantly changing their algorithms which may or may not benefit your web site. In my case it appears it does not. And then there is Yahoo and MSN search onrepparttar 127729 horizon. It appears these 2 are beginning to take away valuable customers from Google. Although this is not necassarily a bad thing we now need to optimize for 3 search engines instead of 1. Back inrepparttar 127730 good old days if you had a number 1 ranking on Google for work from home (the holly grail of search terms) you also had a number 1 on Yahoo and MSN for work from home. Today that is notrepparttar 127731 case.

I have always been reading other people saying not to place all your chips on Google and expect to make it big time. Today I realize how correct they were. I still optimize for search engines this will never change. But in addition to search engine optimization other advertising methods must be used if you want to make it onrepparttar 127732 internet big time.

If you haverepparttar 127733 money paying for placement is not a bad idea. Google has its very popular ad words program which for a price will place your website link in an ad box downrepparttar 127734 right hand side ofrepparttar 127735 search results. And Yahoo has Overture search results which are placed aboverepparttar 127736 natural search results. But you will need to be inrepparttar 127737 top 3 for your link to show up because Yahoo only shows 3 sponsored listings on top ofrepparttar 127738 natural listings. You can also use several smaller pay per click engines such as Findwhat, 7Search and Kanoodle to name just a few.

Beat Google’s Dampening Link Filter with SEO Articles

Written by Glenn Murray

Most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts agree that links back to your site have a great impact on your ranking inrepparttar major search engines. Think of it like an election; your site is a candidate and every link to your site is a vote. Of course, it was never quite that simple (high ranking, relevant sites have more voting power) but now it may have gotten even more complicated.

The Dampening Link Filter

It seems that Google may have introduced something called a “Dampening Link Filter” into its indexing algorithm. I’ll give you a layperson’s overview of this filter, but for more intimate details, check out WebProNews.

More and more people are realisingrepparttar 127727 importance of links back to your site (or “backlinks”). For some time, companies have been engaging in all sorts of link campaigns designed to generate thousands of backlinks. Many of these campaigns haven’t really paid too much attention torepparttar 127728 context or lifespan of these links. And Google knows it. Because these campaigns are designed to artificially generaterepparttar 127729 perception of a site’s importance – to trickrepparttar 127730 search engines into thinking they’re important – it’s been suggested that Google has decided to put an end to it. Apparently, there’s evidence to suggest that Google has introduced a new link filter to dampenrepparttar 127731 effect of new backlinks. So if your link generation campaign has just created 500 links in a day from seemingly irrelevant sites, Google will suspect it of being artificial, and refuse to pass onrepparttar 127732 full effect of those links – at least for a while. Well, that’s howrepparttar 127733 theory goes, anyway.

It has been argued that you can avoid being penalized by this filter by generating links:

  • more slowly;
  • from relevant sites; and
  • which have a long lifespan.

The wisdom of relevance and lifespan is already well established;repparttar 127734 dampening filter is simply one more reason why people should start to heed it. Writing and submitting SEO articles for online publication is one way to do so.

This article explains how SEO articles satisfy each of these three conditions. (Forrepparttar 127735 basics of SEO article writing, take a look at How to Top Google by Writing Articles.)

Build Backlinks Slowly

Writing quality articles takes time. It’s as simple as that. Even an SEO copywriter can’t just bang an article together in a morning – it has to be well considered. It must be accurate, informative, interesting, well written, and topical. And once you’ve written repparttar 127736 article,repparttar 127737 real work begins. You then have to submit it to your favourite article submit sites. And as they all have different requirements and idiosyncrasies, submitting your article to 50 submit sites can take you all day!

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