The Search Engine Blues

Written by Jennifer Durocher

There's no easy way to talk about this without getting frustrated…getting your site known onrepparttar net these days is a most difficult task. Search engines are picky and their rules change everyday, getting a top ten listing is almost impossible, all those "submit to 5000 sites" are bull and other mediums are just too expensive forrepparttar 125225 small businessman. It's a difficult process to drive customers to your site but it can be done. It is a question of getting someone on top of it - now. There are lots of options available, it just depends on what you're looking to accomplish. The single most important aspect to consider in promotion and positioning of this nature is to make sure that your website is functional. There is no use in having a website at all if it just does not work. That is probablyrepparttar 125226 worst possible press out there - if word gets out that your site has broken links all overrepparttar 125227 place and that images are constantly missing, it does not look favorably on you or your business. So make sure that allrepparttar 125228 links are working, all form submissions do not return errors and all files are there in their proper order. There should probably be minimum one person in your team who does this check at least once a week. Next, considerrepparttar 125229 META tag & keyword side of things. We've all heardrepparttar 125230 horror stories about people abusing them to try and get high rankings on search engines. That is, obviously, not such a good idea. There is no easy solution torepparttar 125231 search engine blues, but consider using them, far too many people continue to ignore them. Any web page generator program usually does not includerepparttar 125232 creation of such tags but they are not that hard to do. A META tag is what "talks" to search engine robots that index your site. Forrepparttar 125233 most part, you need to include them if you want any indexing at all. The two most important tags are: & . The description of your site should be no more than 15 - 20 words, it should be accurate and it should contain at least some of your keywords. Keywords should have relevance. For example, attempting to userepparttar 125234 word "sex" 50, 000 times will not win yourepparttar 125235 love ofrepparttar 125236 search engines. Instead, think carefully about what you think people would type in to find your services. Now use those as your keywords. Do not worry…they'll change over time to better suit your site's changing services, and as you get better with it you'll know exactly what words work best.

Getting Your Website Visibility

Written by James M. Duerr

A funny thing happenedrepparttar other day on my way to successfully list my company onrepparttar 125224 major search engines. Not being a novice torepparttar 125225 search engine listing game, but never claiming to be an expert, I read with interest an e-zine on obtaining search engine position. The article was well written and basically very helpful. But what I did next was very interesting.

Viewing Source Code

I went torepparttar 125226 Author’s web site and viewed his source code to see if he practiced what he preached. To seerepparttar 125227 source code of a web page all you have to do is selectrepparttar 125228 "View" button in Microsoft Explorer and click on "Source". Here you can viewrepparttar 125229 Title, Description and Keyword Meta files that are so critical to high search engine position.

Indeed,repparttar 125230 author did exactly what he was recommending to his clients. His meta files were text book.. The HTML code hadrepparttar 125231 word search engine listed inrepparttar 125232 meta title section once, inrepparttar 125233 meta description once and inrepparttar 125234 meta keywords three times. The code was very clean and should produce good results using keyword "search engine"

Sorepparttar 125235 next thing I did was go to three main search engines, AltaVista, Northern Light and Lycos. I typed inrepparttar 125236 keyword "search engine" and what do you think happened?

Well, none ofrepparttar 125237 three search engines listedrepparttar 125238 Author’s Web site in any ofrepparttar 125239 first three pages of results. And everyone tells you that if you are not onrepparttar 125240 first couple of search results pages, well…just forget about being found.

Directory Listings

This brings us torepparttar 125241 point of this article. Search engines are notrepparttar 125242 only resource on which to list your site. Another option is purchasing a listing with a directory. A directory is a Web site where users search a limited number of web sites, notrepparttar 125243 entire web.

Web directories include,, and to name a few. To find other directories you can go to This is a pretty comprehensive listing, some sites are outdated, but it is a good place to start.

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