The Scrolls and The Grail

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

DEAD SEA SCROLLS: - Dr Norman Golb is a top scholar who makes a plea forrepparttar de-politicization ofrepparttar 141858 Dead Sea Scrolls. His plea is not related torepparttar 141859 current argument that Palestine will own or controlrepparttar 141860 Scrolls but torepparttar 141861 Generals and politicians who piecemeal and with apparent deceit are doling out access to these important documents forrepparttar 141862 examination of scholars. The original involvement ofrepparttar 141863 Catholic scholars andrepparttar 141864 Scrolls being housed in a Museum named forrepparttar 141865 Rockefellers is of more concern to me. The management ofrepparttar 141866 life of Jesus and his brother James ('the Righteous) who ledrepparttar 141867 group at Qumran that some are calling Essenes is whyrepparttar 141868 concern exists for myself and others who knowrepparttar 141869 ways ofrepparttar 141870 Christologists. They have blamedrepparttar 141871 Jews for 'killing our Saviour'.

The documents discovered at Dag (or Nag) Hammadi inrepparttar 141872 same decade were fully translated by 1971 and they are of equal if not greater insight. The life of Jesus as a 'Therapeutae' or Gnostic with a 'Source' of learning in a large family of adepts is contrary to all sorts of proselytes and his involvement of an equal partner and wife puts a lie to a lot of 'only begotten' or other Divine appellations sought byrepparttar 141873 Popes who have claimed to berepparttar 141874 only representatives ofrepparttar 141875 Lord on Earth. This 'Source' is described correctly by Barrett asrepparttar 141876 very Grail thatrepparttar 141877 Dag Hammadi scrolls represent fromrepparttar 141878 verbal tradition or Qabala. If you consider that there was no name or actual Christians atrepparttar 141879 time of Jesus we will be starting at a fair beginning. The Copper Scrolls that made coded references torepparttar 141880 site of Solomon's treasure were found here as well. That is of import to our continuing effort to know what trade and designs exist (ed) inrepparttar 141881 Templar to Benjaminite or Merovingian lineage. It is more important to start with this 'Source' as many Biblical scholars are calling it. They call it this rather than a pagan tradition of Bardic and nature worshippers or Phoenicians, asrepparttar 141882 Father of Biblical Archaeology assures us that evenrepparttar 141883 Bible itself should be seen as being. We are ofrepparttar 141884 opinion that all documents and related things that reflect onrepparttar 141885 life of Christ are part and parcel ofrepparttar 141886 'Holy Grail'; andrepparttar 141887 churchians were crusading and killing to get them and controlrepparttar 141888 truth that might upset their marketing and other plans. Thus we should provide a little proof ofrepparttar 141889 actual religions and politics ofrepparttar 141890 time that Jesus was alive upon this earth.

"The Bible imaginesrepparttar 141891 religion of ancient Israel as purely monotheistic. And doubtless there were Israelites, particularly those associated withrepparttar 141892 Jerusalem Temple, who were strict monotheists. Butrepparttar 141893 archaeological evidence (andrepparttar 141894 Bible, too, if you read it closely enough) suggests thatrepparttar 141895 monotheism of many Israelites was far from pure. For them, Yahweh (the name ofrepparttar 141896 Israelite god) was notrepparttar 141897 only divinity. Some Israelites believed that Yahweh had a female consort. And many Israelite invokedrepparttar 141898 divinity withrepparttar 141899 help of images {Remember Onias' Temple in Egypt andrepparttar 141900 archaeology ofrepparttar 141901 sacrificing of Ibises practiced by Moses and later Jews.}, particularly figurines. I call this Israelite religion pagan Yahwism.

The archaeological evidence we will look at comes mostly from Judah in what is known in archaeological terms asrepparttar 141902 Assyrian period,repparttar 141903 span from 721 B.C.E., whenrepparttar 141904 Assyrians destroyedrepparttar 141905 northern kingdom of Israel, until 586 B.C.E., whenrepparttar 141906 Babylonians conquered Jerusalem, destroyedrepparttar 141907 Temple and brought an end torepparttar 141908 Davidic dynasty in Judah. This period, to put it into perspective, is several centuries after King Solomon builtrepparttar 141909 Jerusalem Temple {Actually done by an architect Mason from Tyre named Hiram but notrepparttar 141910 King of that name and time.} in about 950 B.C.E. Sorepparttar 141911 archaeological evidence we are about to discuss documents a level of Israelite paganism long after Solomon built an exclusive home for Israel's god. {The Incas and other used such techniques of social management rather than garrison armies in occupied territories.}

While Yahweh wasrepparttar 141912 god ofrepparttar 141913 Israelites, other nations had their own national gods. The chief god ofrepparttar 141914 Phoenicians was Ba'al. Forrepparttar 141915 Philistines,repparttar 141916 chief god was at first Dagon {As noted earlier we suggested a Berber/Phoenician connection to Philistine. This Dagon is almostrepparttar 141917 same asrepparttar 141918 Dogon of West Africa who are early observers of Siriusrepparttar 141919 Dog Star. This is a Berber influence to be sure.} and later also Ba'al {He could mention Bel in Mesopotamia isrepparttar 141920 same as Ba'al but he is just developingrepparttar 141921 extensive similarity ofrepparttar 141922 actual worship of people with different names within a gradually degrading or devolving 'Brotherhood'. We can't expect all of these things to be integrated all at once, can we?}(Judges 16:23; 2 Kings 1:2). Forrepparttar 141923 Ammonites it was Milkom. Forrepparttar 141924 Moabites {In Deuteronomy 23 you will see prejudice and hatred excluding them fromrepparttar 141925 'House ofrepparttar 141926 Lord', 'Yes, even untorepparttar 141927 tenth generation' along with 'bastards’ and 'he who is wounded inrepparttar 141928 stones'.}, Chemosh. Forrepparttar 141929 Edomites, Qos. And forrepparttar 141930 Israelites and Judahites -- Yahweh. Except forrepparttar 141931 Edomite god Qos, who appears only inrepparttar 141932 archaeological record, all of these gods are mentioned inrepparttar 141933 Bible (1 Kings 11:5, 7, 33).

Interestingly, while each nation's chief god had a distinctive name, his consort,repparttar 141934 chief female deity, hadrepparttar 141935 same name in all these cultures: Asherah or its variants Ashtoreth or Astarte. (As we shall see, this was even true of Yahweh's consort.)

Will Area 51 Be The Next Big Tourist Attraction?

Written by Bill Knell

Will Area 51 Be The Next Big Tourist Attraction?

By Bill Knell

Imaginerepparttar look on my face when I heard that Area 51 might berepparttar 141452 next Kennedy Space Center or Air Force Museum? Bothrepparttar 141453 Space Center and Air Force Museum are two ofrepparttar 141454 most popular, yet least publicized attractions inrepparttar 141455 USA. Boasting an amazing array of exhibits, aircraft, spacecraft and Imax presentations, these tourist destinations are home to some of our greatest national treasures. However, could they even hold a candle torepparttar 141456 popularity of Area 51 as a tourist destination if it were opened torepparttar 141457 public?

It was over ten years ago that I was contacted by a small group of former military personnel who had some amazing stories to tell. Individually and as a group, they claimed to have piloted captured Alien hardware forrepparttar 141458 U.S. Government. In those whistleblower days ofrepparttar 141459 late 1980s and early 1990s, there was no shortage of ex-government folk claiming to have intimate knowledge aboutrepparttar 141460 Government cover-up of information concerning Aliens and UFOs. Some of these people were believable enough, but most lacked a story or evidence that stood up to long-term scrutiny. These guys were different.

Having grown up around active and retired military personnel, I always found them easy to spot. Among that group, Officers and Military Pilots were definite standouts. As I was introduced to this group of men over a short period of time, they struck me as officers and pilots. More then that, they also seemed to haverepparttar 141461 kind of technical backgrounds and training that would befit Astronauts. It was obvious that these guys were telling eitherrepparttar 141462 truth or a well-scripted story that I was supposed to believe and share.

These ‘UFO Pilots’ are people of strong character and conviction. They came to me because they had a beef withrepparttar 141463 Government. After watching how whistleblowers like Bill English, John Lear, Wendelle Stevens, Robert Lazar and others were belittled or ignored byrepparttar 141464 press, roasted by their peers and mistreated by over-zealous UFO researchers, they wanted no part of all that. After hearing me during a guest spot on a local radio station in Orlando, one member of their unique little group decided to attend a seminar that I gave in Florida. While unsure whether to trust me or not, he likedrepparttar 141465 fact people atrepparttar 141466 seminar seemed to trust me with personal stories and decided to give me a try.

After a short series of cloak and dagger style contacts, I met withrepparttar 141467 guy I callrepparttar 141468 “UFO Pilot’ and heard his amazing story at a small motel in Florida. He came to me because several of his crewmates died in what he considered unnecessarily dangerous tests of Alien hardware in different places aroundrepparttar 141469 USA. In at least one case, several civilians were killed as well. To understand his frustration, I have to share a few details about these tests.

The men and women of this special team of pilots worked under more then unusual conditions. Due torepparttar 141470 mechanical nature ofrepparttar 141471 Alien objects they were flying, it took up to five people to pilot one craft. These people were jammed in a most uncomfortable and unsafe way into what amounts to a ‘wooden box’ insiderepparttar 141472 control area ofrepparttar 141473 object. The ‘wooden box’ structure provided a still unclear measure of safety and access to human operation ofrepparttar 141474 object that was never fully explained to me for security reasons. Insiderepparttar 141475 box,repparttar 141476 human pilots had access to controls that had been specially built for them. These special devices gaverepparttar 141477 pilots some, but not a full measure of control needed to operaterepparttar 141478 craft.

The pilots had been told very little about howrepparttar 141479 object they were trying to fly came into U.S. Government hands. It was obvious to them thatrepparttar 141480 technology and design ofrepparttar 141481 craft came from a completely different sphere of technical influence. It seemed as thoughrepparttar 141482 beings that built this craft started from a framework of manipulatingrepparttar 141483 natural forces ofrepparttar 141484 universe, while we started our modern era of transportation withrepparttar 141485 internal combustion engine. This made for two very different and often incompatible technologies. The result of trying to combinerepparttar 141486 two was often disastrous.

After several crashes, near crashes and deaths within their group and amongrepparttar 141487 civilian population of areas where tests took place, these men were made scapegoats. All were unceremoniously dumped fromrepparttar 141488 program they were involved in. That was not akin to just losing a job. They were blamed for being unable to properly operate Alien technology that was never meant to be touched by humans. This made them pariahs as possible test pilot candidates for any other future government programs involving secret or captured air or space craft. In addition,repparttar 141489 secrecy side of their work made them unavailable for flight duty or employment of any kind inside or outside ofrepparttar 141490 U.S. Military.

Although I felt sorry for them, I knew that anytime anyone accepts unusual duties withinrepparttar 141491 U.S. Military or Government Services; they throwrepparttar 141492 dice of life. There are no shortage of Veterans, long forgotten by an allegedly grateful nation, who are dying of diseases and medical problems directly related to their service. Many have limited or no access to government medical services and have not been properly compensated for their sacrifice.

The best I could do for these people was to share their story in my newsletter and through my seminars. Lackingrepparttar 141493 ability to learn or share their identities or other specifics aboutrepparttar 141494 world of secrecy in which they existed, I had few options. Calling a press conference would be fruitless. It did not and has not worked for evenrepparttar 141495 most impressive former military or technical people claiming involvement with secret UFO projects and it would not work for them.

Although extremely intelligent and well trained, I could easily see that these people were very naïve aboutrepparttar 141496 U.S. Government’s ability to just throw people away. None believed it could or would happen to them, until it did. I could also understand their lack of enthusiasm when it came to sharing specifics or personal identities. They were all left with some sort of small financial compensation and none wanted to riskrepparttar 141497 stipend they were receiving despite their frustration, anger and feelings of betrayal.

Although I have had infrequent contact with most of these people,repparttar 141498 news has been promising. All have managed to move on in one way or another, despite their obvious identity and employment constraints. In addition,repparttar 141499 occasional contacts I have had with them have proven to be a good source of information when it comes torepparttar 141500 world of hidden facts, secret projects and captured Alien hardware. The most recent tidbit may be something for all of us to get a bit excited about.

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