The SEO Game - Do you play it?

Written by Shawna Fennell

Most people do not think of SEO as a game. Let me take 5 minutes of your time and explain how SEO is simply a game of Chess.

I remember as a teenager learning how to play Chess forrepparttar first time. Man it was complicated. Each piece moved different ways. You couldn't take shortcuts and getrepparttar 139259 game over with. You had to really think about your moves and watch your opponents moves as well. With each move they made, you had to analyze your next move and evenrepparttar 139260 best plans of attack had to be readjusted constantly. The game was always changing depending on who you played against. But once you understoodrepparttar 139261 game, once you understood allrepparttar 139262 components ofrepparttar 139263 game, you were hooked.

The same goes for SEO.

The First Step to playingrepparttar 139264 SEO Game is understandingrepparttar 139265 game.

Readrepparttar 139266 rules ofrepparttar 139267 game. Understand what is allowed, what is not allowed, and things you must avoid. Research how people will find you. Know what your keyword/keyword phrases are. Who will be coming into your website? Who will you be marketing to?

Google Rules and Guidelines can be found at

Yahoo Guidelines can be found at

MSN Guidelines can be found at

Setting Up Your Chessboard (or website)

Set up your website correctly fromrepparttar 139268 start. Make sure allrepparttar 139269 pieces of your website are were they belong. For instance, place your Title tags and Meta tags into your headtags. Create clean style web pages fromrepparttar 139270 start. Move your javascripting and css offrepparttar 139271 page and into their own file so thatrepparttar 139272 search engines can get to what is important right away.

Playing The Game

In Chess,repparttar 139273 rook andrepparttar 139274 bishop do not moverepparttar 139275 same way on your chessboard. Understand how each piece ofrepparttar 139276 game moves and works and use them to help you winrepparttar 139277 game.

The same is true for your SEO. For example, many people do not use their head tags correctly. They try to stuff as many keywords as they can think of intorepparttar 139278 Meta Keywords tag. This will not get you far inrepparttar 139279 game. Try to be focused in your keywords. Use 3-5 keyword/keyword phrases at most and never userepparttar 139280 same word more then 3 times.

Make sure you are using allrepparttar 139281 pieces ofrepparttar 139282 game. Title tags, Meta Tags, H1 Tags, Content, Links, Relevancy, etc. Some people think when playing chess that repparttar 139283 pawns are really of no use. You can lose them, you can keep them, no big deal. The same can be said about Meta Tags. However when playing against Yahoo or MSN, they will take advantage of your pawns. More so then when playing with Google. But why would you not use these pieces in a game? Why would you not take advantage of every single piece and make each one as important asrepparttar 139284 others. Would you have a better chance of winning if you used each piece ofrepparttar 139285 game instead of only a few?

Optimize Your Web Site Pt1

Written by Darren Yates

Listed here you will findrepparttar five ofrepparttar 139103 most important points to remember when optimising your site and individual pages forrepparttar 139104 search engines.

If you optimise your pages by working through these points one by one you will see a significant rise in your search engine rankings.

1: Buyrepparttar 139105 right Domain names! The best way to increase your rankings inrepparttar 139106 SE's(Search Engines) and forrepparttar 139107 least amount of effort is to chooserepparttar 139108 right domain name for your site fromrepparttar 139109 start. The SE's give a domain namerepparttar 139110 highest prominence and score when issuing a ranking. So it's a major priority to have your domain name contain keywords relevant to your site content.

The other point to remember is that domain names can have up to 67 characters in them includingrepparttar 139111 extension(.com, .net etc) now as opposed torepparttar 139112 original 23. So you can load your domain name with a number of keywords to boost your ranking, just remember to use a hyphen to separate them out.

This also means that if a really great domain name has gone you can get something close and in fact better because you could simply add another keyword. Eg say wasn't available, I could register best-exercise or

I have a number of clients using this technique very successfully, and of course if you check outrepparttar 139113 address bar above this very site doesrepparttar 139114 same thing. ;-)

Forrepparttar 139115 cheapest domain names online withrepparttar 139116 best control panel online try I highly recommend these guys I've used them for years now and register all my own and my clients domains through them.

2: Chooserepparttar 139117 right Title for your page. The title of your page is what visitors will see acrossrepparttar 139118 top of their browsers when they visit your site. It's important that each of your site pages is titled differently to distinguish them from each other and to tie in withrepparttar 139119 content ofrepparttar 139120 page.

This is alsorepparttar 139121 title of your listing when your site is returned inrepparttar 139122 results of a Search Engine.

This is probablyrepparttar 139123 second most important thing to get right after choosing your domain name. If your domain name has good keywords then repeat these keywords inrepparttar 139124 title of your page, add a hyphen and then add your keyword rich title for that page. So going back torepparttar 139125 example above your title should probably be alongrepparttar 139126 lines of -

Best Exercise Equipment - Best, Cheap, New and Used Exercise Equipment.

Notice how I get exercise equipment in there twice, first asrepparttar 139127 name ofrepparttar 139128 site and then as a description ofrepparttar 139129 page. The capitalising ofrepparttar 139130 main words withinrepparttar 139131 title will help your page stand out inrepparttar 139132 results a little. Don't be tempted capitalise all your letters this looks cheap and some directory's will not list your page with a title in this state.

I've mentioned keywords a fare bit already and I should probably say jump down to No5 for a better idea of what they are and how to use them.

3: Userepparttar 139133 H1 tag on the, on page, title/heading of your page. A H1 tag isrepparttar 139134 heading text tag in HTML. SE's give this tag more relevancy as it's generally used forrepparttar 139135 title of a page eg h1 best exercise equipment /h1.

That 'srepparttar 139136 actual on page title and notrepparttar 139137 browser title.

If you try this out you'll find that it looks pretty ugly, with lots of space around it and much to chunky for a nice looking site.

So here's a trick you can use to keeprepparttar 139138 H1 tag but haverepparttar 139139 text appear as normal. *whisper use css style sheets to shrinkrepparttar 139140 text back to size. Checkrepparttar 139141 title of this page 'Web site optimisation Part1' that's a H1 tag that's been fixed. Big difference isn't there.

This is a little known but very useful secret. ;-)

Here'srepparttar 139142 code to dorepparttar 139143 trick, drop it into your css document or place it 'style' tags atrepparttar 139144 head of your code -

h1 {font-size: 13px; margin: 0px;}

Its that simple, play around withrepparttar 139145 font-size until it's in proportion torepparttar 139146 rest of your page. Remember it'srepparttar 139147 title of your page and should stand out a little fromrepparttar 139148 rest ofrepparttar 139149 text.

4: Meta tags are still useful. Choosing keywords. Not as important as they once were due to abuse. But still used by a number of well known search engines,repparttar 139150 new Yahoo search checks them as doesrepparttar 139151 MSN search. But Google gives them little relevance. Which means it's still important to use them to cover all your bases.

Essentiallyrepparttar 139152 meta tags you should be using when targetingrepparttar 139153 search engines are keywords, description and robots.

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