"The SECRET GOLD MINE Hidden In FFA Link Submissions!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Some people just do not get it.

They go to allrepparttar trouble of submitting their links to a FREE For All (FFA) Link site, be it an individual web site or more than likely, a member of a huge network of 1000's of FFA Link sites.

But then they miss it completely by avoidingrepparttar 125256 massive amounts of emailrepparttar 125257 result from such submissions.

Some people enter in false email addresses that clog up everyone's email includingrepparttar 125258 ISP's that have to send out those, "User Unknown" messages.

Worse still, even if by accident, or if on purpose, they enter in an email address that turns out to belong to someone else.

Doing this does bring yourepparttar 125259 limited benefit of having other web sites link to your web site but you would miss out completely by NOT getting visitors.

And if you do it on purpose, there are now legal ramifications for entering in false info that then causes someone else damage due torepparttar 125260 misuse of resources.

The absolutely outrageous truth about FFA Link submissions is that there is a "SECRET GOLD MINE Hidden In FFA Link Submissions!".


It isrepparttar 125261 email responses!

Many people consider those confirmation emails as junk email and or spam. But that is totally WRONG!


Because those emails come from people that PAID forrepparttar 125262 privilege to send you those confirmation emails, Spam-Free.

That means that every single email confirmation that you receive comes from a QUALIFIED BUYER, someone that has already proven their worth because they SPENT hard earned MONEY to buy a business service online.


And, NO, it is NOT enough to send an auto-response message to those confirmation emails.

But that is a great first step.

You make your FFA Link submission. The PREMIUM FFA Member sends you one confirmation email.

You are now legally entitled to respond - ONCE, with your own Auto-Responder message.

Makerepparttar 125263 SUBJECT - TITLE a good one because most people ONLY scanrepparttar 125264 headlines and delete what is of no interest.


Written by Bob McElwain

hen you first open your new site, hits will be slow in coming (unless you are an expert at generating them). And sales will be correspondingly scarce. Even so, you need to be checking your stats and sales with care. The number that matters most to you is ...

The Value Of A Hit

By this, I mean, what is a hit worth to you? (By hit, I mean one unique visitor or user session.) Compute this number by dividing total sales amounts (gross profits) byrepparttar number of hits. That is, findrepparttar 125255 total earned for say a month. This includes your part of sales of products produced by others, commissions on sales, and so forth. Your stats will provide repparttar 125256 number of unique hits.

For example, if you have a gross of $200 forrepparttar 125257 month, and 1000 hits,repparttar 125258 value of a hit is 200/1000. Which is 0.20 or 20 cents. If gross was only $50, then this number is only 0.05 or 5 cents.

Moving Averages

With a mature site routinely generating hits, this number is not likely to vary markedly from month to month. Even so, a good plan is to include in your results a 3 (or 4) month moving average. For example, given Jan: $0.30, Feb: $0.20, and Mar: $0.10, add these three numbers and divide by 3. (30 + 20 + 10)/3 = 60/3 = 20.

The reason this helps is that looking only atrepparttar 125259 monthly data,repparttar 125260 above looks like an ugly downtrend. The 3 month average eases that downer feeling. Equally important, it helps you keep from getting too excited about an apparent up trend.

Supposerepparttar 125261 value for April jumps to $0.40. Forrepparttar 125262 new average, January is excluded; you look at onlyrepparttar 125263 last three months. This gives (20 + 10 + 40)/3 = 70/3 = 23.33 which is roughly 23 cents. In considering 23 cents as opposed to 40 cents forrepparttar 125264 month, there is a more reserved view ofrepparttar 125265 sudden jump.

I chose numbers here to make things easier to follow. Actual results for your site will look quite different. And sincerepparttar 125266 computations, while simple, can be tedious and prone to error, most who take this sort of thing seriously use a spread sheet program, such as Excel.

Why These Numbers Matter

The value of a hit is fundamental to what you can afford to pay for advertising. And you'd like to stay a bit under this figure. Ifrepparttar 125267 ad produces only this value per hit,repparttar 125268 campaign was a fizzle, for no profit was made. (The exception would berepparttar 125269 value of new customers as subscribers to your newsletter, those who return to purchase other products, and so forth.)

There's a lot of trial and error in testing ads, butrepparttar 125270 ins and outs of it are off topic here. For our purpose, suppose you have a well tested ad that can be expected to generate 25 hits in 1000 impressions. Ifrepparttar 125271 value of a hit to you is 50 cents, then you can expect a gross of 25 x $0.50 or $12.50.

What this means is you can afford to pay up to $12.50 CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) provided hits add to your subscriber list or returns for other products. If you expect only a one time sale, you probably will not want to pay more than $6.25 CPM, so that half of revenue is immediate profit.

With an established site, even given troublesome variations month to month, it is a fairly straightforward matter to decide what you can afford to pay for advertising. Things are different, though, for ...

New Or Small Sites

Initially you just don't have enough hits or sales to produce numbers that make any sense at all. There is likely to be large variations each month. Even so, it's best to begin this kind of tracking even when only getting started.

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