The Rumors of Ecommerce Death

Written by Rob Spiegel

As Nasdaq sputters along in dot com shame, a few million few dogged Internet consumers have ignoredrepparttar crash. They continue to happily buy away. The good-news story is not popular with business writers, but Web retailing continues to grow seemingly unaware thatrepparttar 109039 online mall is crashing down around them as they choose garden tools, sell sports cards and order vacation packages. Things aren't perfect. There has been somewhat of a dip since Christmas, but I think most Net retailers can live with a post-holiday. Retailers have weathered after-Santa blues sincerepparttar 109040 English switched from wassailing to kids toys inrepparttar 109041 mid-1800s.

We decided to take a look at recent reports on Internet retail sales just to see ifrepparttar 109042 Net stock gloom was bluntingrepparttar 109043 steady expansion of online commerce. We found some softening inrepparttar 109044 rate of growth, but we certainly didn't find any contraction in consumer behavior. The shrinking effect right now seems limited torepparttar 109045 number of dot coms rather thenrepparttar 109046 number of consumers. In fact, if you subtractrepparttar 109047 bizarrely heightened expectations for repparttar 109048 Internet, its growth is coming along just fine. By any standards other thanrepparttar 109049 Net-boom mentality, Internet expansion continues to be fairly spectacular.

Net buyers hit ten quarters of continuous buying

Greenfield Online reported that for 10 consecutive quarters, 60 percent of U.S. Online consumers have made at least one purchase onrepparttar 109050 Web within a 90-day period. And 28 percent of these shoppers have clicked on Internet ads while shopping. Not surprisingly, those with an annual income of $50,000 and above are more likely to purchase goods (81 percent) than those whose income is below $50,000 (64 percent). Women onrepparttar 109051 Net buy at a slightly higher rate (74 percent) than men (71 percent). The top categories of goods continues to be books and CDs, followed by clothing, toys and computer software.

Rich buyers seek service basics online

Forrester Research looked atrepparttar 109052 shopping habits of rich consumers, those with investable assets on $1 million or more, and found that these shoppers are more interested in strong basic serve than they are in virtual exclusivity, extravagance and entertainment. Affluent shoppers have been buying linger, feel more comfortable buying, buy more frequently and, of course, spend more money," said Ekaterina O. Walsh, a senior analyst at Forrester. "They buy online forrepparttar 109053 same reasons forrepparttar 109054 same reasons that all online buyers do and care about price and positive experiences with Web stores." Forrester recommends that sellers of luxury goods should concentrate on purchasing ease and a convenience return process.

An Arm & A Leg for eCommerce?

Written by Sandra Cobb

As a site designer myself, I realize how much time and effort goes into registering, setting up, and designing a site; not to mentionrepparttar creation of content and seamless navigation. But it is unbelievable how complicated and expensive this process has become!

Let's face it, very few entrepreneurs and small businesses can afford to spend hundreds of dollars to set up their dot-com presence without knowing how successful it will be! We've seenrepparttar 109038 results of high expectations and over spending withrepparttar 109039 demise of many well-known companies as reported inrepparttar 109040 news recently.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Are you planning to sell products or services?

You do NOT necessarily need expensive shopping cart software or merchant accounts to sell your products or services. You can begin your online venture by setting up a few of your most popular items or services that can be purchased online. Once a customer has made a purchase, you can then follow up with details on how to purchase additional items.

There are low cost ecommerce solutions that can help you start conducting business online without breakingrepparttar 109041 bank.

First, determine exactly how sophisticated your ordering process needs to be. Then decide which ofrepparttar 109042 following options best suits your business needs.

Option A - PayPal

Set up a Premier Account with PayPal. PayPal is a stable and secure company that has been around long enough to establish a credible reputation. I can personally vouch for them, I use them consistently.


Doing Business As: You haverepparttar 109043 option of using a business name or your personal name, regardless of how your bank account is registered.

Low Cost: There are no monthly fees and no set up fees. Thatís right - itís free. A small fee is with-held each time a transaction (purchase) is processed.

Hassle Free They process all orders and notify you when payment is received.

Referral Bonus You can earn a small cash bonus for qualified referrals you send to PayPal.

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