The Rosicrucian Council of Three

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


A Thelema/OTO leader who became a Mason in 2003 told me that I am silly to talk aboutrepparttar Rosicrucian Council of Three because it is no longer in existence. Yes Clymer, Paine and Franklin are all dead physically despiterepparttar 148827 machinations and rituals to prolong life that these people often do use. When Lincoln was a member of it he had Paschal Beverly Randolph as a fellow member. This Randolph believed he was able to do what Crowley and Cagliostro and many others of their ilk said they could do. That has to do withrepparttar 148828 continuance ofrepparttar 148829 soul rather thanrepparttar 148830 body and I can assure you this is not as impossible as it may sound. Crowley’s personal name for himself as this soul entity was Perdurabo which means something akin to soul continuance. I believe Thomas Jefferson and Frederick Douglas are two people who owe their fame and even their existence torepparttar 148831 Randolph/Levi/Cagliostro genetic and soul knowledge genetic programs. I have dealt withrepparttar 148832 esoterics of these things in other books.

Edward Kelley wasrepparttar 148833 specialist for John Dee who usedrepparttar 148834 scryring stones that Franklin’s Hellfire Club had in London where Franklin’s home has provided evidence connected to trepanning and eating Thalami. A woman who wanted to marry me had a sister who killed her mother andrepparttar 148835 courts let this sister off with time served becauserepparttar 148836 court believedrepparttar 148837 mother was indeed using these rituals to take over her daughter’s body. Anderson’s Constitutions isrepparttar 148838 reforming construct or detailed plan forrepparttar 148839 structure of modern Masonry and this family was those Andersons. I have been told by many people who have heard these things from my lips that it is revolting and hard to believe. David Icke got duped into thinking they are able to change shapes and it appears he may still believe they are extraterrestrial beings or descended therefrom.

Ben Franklin and Rosicrucian Dragons - Trepanning

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Ben Franklin will always appear to be a great man and he was that indeed. But he was not justrepparttar founder of America or The Enlightenment Experiment. He was one ofrepparttar 148402 founders ofrepparttar 148403 New World Order along with Pierre Dupont de Nemours who he negotiatedrepparttar 148404 armistice to endrepparttar 148405 British campaign against their former colony. This in fact lead to a union and alliance that still rulesrepparttar 148406 world but in a far more complete manner thanrepparttar 148407 British Empire ever did. I have dealt with many intrigues he was part of and I have personally enjoyed conversing with his descendants. His drawing ofrepparttar 148408 line to include Isle Royale as part ofrepparttar 148409 United States is very important as any reader of my book onrepparttar 148410 Old Copper culture will know. He was a man who enjoyed his sex andrepparttar 148411 rituals ofrepparttar 148412 Rosicrucian Dragons a great deal more than most. Inrepparttar 148413 following quote from an article in The Guardian we see ‘trepanning’ again. Of courserepparttar 148414 authors might think this is only part of some anatomical research but I suspect it is part of sexual and psycho-spiritual rituals just as I have shown occurred in these nether regions of esoteric behaviour for many millennia. The trepanned head ofrepparttar 148415 Merovingian King Dagobert allowed him greater psychic attunement and despite Franklin having been part ofrepparttar 148416 witch hunt against Anton Mesmer and his use or exposure of these secrets I know Franklin understood what trepanning really was suited to achieve. And I know they are reported to still eat human thalami at some meetings ofrepparttar 148417 Skull and Bones Society. Sir Laurence Gardner makes it clear that store bought desiccated animal sources do not serve their needs as well as human brain parts do.

“Benjamin Franklin's house:repparttar 148418 naked truth

Restoration reveals secrets of American campaigner

Maev Kennedy, arts and heritage correspondent

Monday August 11, 2003 The Guardian

Some time in 2005 visitors will be able to visitrepparttar 148419 tall narrow Georgian house inrepparttar 148420 heart of London where Benjamin Franklin once sat stark naked byrepparttar 148421 large first floor sash windows, "air bathing" and thinking about bifocals, electricity, economics, American politics, British diplomacy, or how to getrepparttar 148422 fire in his back room to draw better.

It is a fair bet that however passionately interestedrepparttar 148423 visitors are inrepparttar 148424 political history of American independence, andrepparttar 148425 intellectual history ofrepparttar 148426 Age of Enlightenment, what will transfix them isrepparttar 148427 windowless basement room, once part ofrepparttar 148428 garden.

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