The Roots Of Poverty

Written by Isaiah Hull

Remedying onlyrepparttar superficial manifestations ofrepparttar 135615 deeper underlying problems of extreme poverty will never end poverty itself. At best, this approach will temporarily relieve urgent problems; at worst, it will exacerbate them or create long-term trade-off problems. If we want to eliminate poverty, we must look at its roots and apply sustainable, pragmatic development solutions.

There are many popular misconceptions about underdeveloped countries that prevent both politicians and private citizens from seriously considering solutions. Some people think less developed countries (LDCs) are poor asrepparttar 135616 result of laziness, mismanagement, and corruption. While corruption and mismanagement do play a role inrepparttar 135617 inefficient and criminal diversion of aid funds, they definitely do not make it impossible to conduct successful development operations--unless, of course, we use corrupt regimes as a justification to not give aid at all.

So what are some ofrepparttar 135618 common root causes of poverty? Each ofrepparttar 135619 following roots of poverty can be eliminated through development projects when they bypass government involvement or develop mutual-accountability agreements with governments to ensurerepparttar 135620 best results forrepparttar 135621 program constituents:

Geographic Isolation:

Geographic isolation actually occurs on two levels: 1) within regions and continents; and 2) within countries. The first type of geographic isolation generally includes countries that are landlocked hundreds of miles away fromrepparttar 135622 closest port. These countries end up paying excessive fees and costs for freight to export and import goods. The other type of isolation--that occurs within countries-- generally includes villages that are separated fromrepparttar 135623 rest ofrepparttar 135624 country because of a lack of infrastructure. These villages typically lack electricity, adequate food markets, and adequate sources of clean water.

I Want To Know

Written by Rich Brunelle

I Want To Know, by: Rich Brunelle

Doesn't it irritate you to know that it cost taxpayers millions of dollars prosecutingrepparttar likes of O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, and many more? What irritates me more isrepparttar 135596 realization that we paid millions of dollars, and still do not knowrepparttar 135597 truth. I want to knowrepparttar 135598 TRUTH.

Didrepparttar 135599 Petersen kid really kill his wife and unborn child? What did President Bill Clinton do with that damn cigar? Who killed President Kennedy? Was Saddam Hussein supporting Bin Laden financially? And, I can go on-and-on asking similar questions. Don't you want to know? I do!

I might even want to know whyrepparttar 135600 perpetrator of some of these acts did so. But most of all, I wantrepparttar 135601 truth. And,repparttar 135602 top ofrepparttar 135603 irritation pile . . . Isrepparttar 135604 probability that we may never know. But, what if there was a way to getrepparttar 135605 information? Anybody got an idea how? I might have a solution.

What if any one of these people could sell their story to news media with a legal stipulation thatrepparttar 135606 information not be disclosed until afterrepparttar 135607 person’s death? I mean, why not? Face it, all of these people would love to write a book. Most of them would like to add to their fame. And, since it would probably be their last good paying gig, why not?

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