The Romance Calendar – Romance isn’t just for Holidays and Special Occasions

Written by Heidi Richards, Chief Goddess

Ooh I need romance babe , I hope you know it's true Hope you need romance babe, Just like I do too…

Okay, it’s not exactlyrepparttar same lyrics torepparttar 136343 Beatles song, Eight Days a Week, but it’s true (for most of us, that is). And just likerepparttar 136344 lyrics torepparttar 136345 song “Eight days a Week, Is not enough to show I care…” Romance is not reserved for holidays and special days, it’srepparttar 136346 wise person who is romantic on a daily basis. And being romantic every day ofrepparttar 136347 week is not that difficult. It just takes a little forethought and imagination. I call it planned spontaneity. And let’s face it, sometimes we need a little help to add more romance to our relationship.

That’s where The Romance Calendar comes in. Take a look at your calendar. What day is today? Is it Relaxation Day –repparttar 136348 perfect day for you and your love to sit aroundrepparttar 136349 house and readrepparttar 136350 paper or have a movie marathon? And what could be more romantic than Make a Difference Day? What could you do today to make a difference in your love life? Why not volunteer for a special cause together. Having a cause that you both feel strongly about and believe in is a sure way to deepen your relationship. These are just two ideas to show how much you care about one another. There are 363 other days to be romantic. Use The Romance Calendar to help you plan more of those special days.

January January has many great days to celebrate with your love. They include: Turn uprepparttar 136351 Heat Day (Jan. 5th), Show and Tell Day (Jan. 8th), Thank You Day (Jan. 11th), Send a Hug Day (Jan. 21st), and Compliment Day ((Jan. 26th).

February February may be a short month, but it is full of love. In addition to Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) there’s also Chocolate Day (Feb. 12th), Dream of Your Sweetheart Day (Feb. 13th), Cuddle Day (Feb. 25th) and Romance on a Budget Day (Feb. 28th)

March March on over to your love and celebrate Share a Smile Day (Mar. 1st), Call her up on Telephone Day (Mar. 10th), Lips Appreciation Day (Mar. 16th), Flower Day (Mar. 21st ), and Make up your own Holiday Day (Mar. 26th).

April April showers may bring May flowers, and is alsorepparttar 136352 month to celebrate Great Lover’s Day (Apr. 2nd) Stories Day (Apr. 10th), and Kiss Day (Apr. 28th).

Here Comes the Sun (Signs) - Romance, Astrology and You (part one)

Written by Heidi Richards, Chief Goddess

"Your sun sign can tell a lot about you as a lover. It can help you explore how you approach your romantic love interests." Heidi Richards

Is it easy for you to get close to someone or do you take your time in developing meaningful relationships? What does your partner bring to your relationship that either helps it blossom or keeps it from going anywhere? Are you finding love elusive or does it come easy? How do you relate to those you are romantically attracted to? What kind of relationship are you looking for? What kind of partner are you seeking? While reading about your sun sign is notrepparttar entire answer torepparttar 136342 age-old challenge of findingrepparttar 136343 right partner, it can be a start. Your sun-sign is only one aspect of your persona, what makes you, you. Your Rising and Moon also determinerepparttar 136344 life you were born to lead. Romance, Astrology and You will shed some light on sun signs and romance. Beyond that, you may wish to you seek professionals who can prepare your chart and give you a more in-depth personality/life reading.

The signs are divided intorepparttar 136345 four elements which represent them. They arerepparttar 136346 elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. This first page coversrepparttar 136347 Fire signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are onrepparttar 136348 next page, Air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius,repparttar 136349 next andrepparttar 136350 last page is dedicated torepparttar 136351 Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Fire Signs

Fire signs represent enthusiasm and energy. The hallmark of fire is inspiration. With a joy for life, they can be ardent, forceful and have a tendency to be extremely impulsive.

ARIES - (March 22 - April 20). Aries is ruled by Mars, and its symbol isrepparttar 136352 Ram. Aries is a Fire sign, impulsive and energetic. You are bold and impatient, easily infatuated, and often lose interest if boredom sets in. You tend toward impulsive rather than cautious when it comes to matters ofrepparttar 136353 heart, making your interest known (sometimes too quickly), and you tend to be very direct – shy is not a word to describerepparttar 136354 impetuous Aries. You quickly bounce back from rejection, although it isn’t something you are use to, as you like to get your way. Quips and quarrels are often seen as foreplay withrepparttar 136355 direct Aries. You likerepparttar 136356 conquest in romance and can play "hard-to-get". You find it stimulating whenrepparttar 136357 object of your affection playsrepparttar 136358 same game. However, inrepparttar 136359 long run you love to let yourself be caught, to be "swept away" with desire. You gravitate towardrepparttar 136360 confident, rather than those who appear needier. Aries loves to be caressed and told that you arerepparttar 136361 best.

LEO - (July 23 – August 22) Leo is ruled byrepparttar 136362 Sun and its symbol isrepparttar 136363 lion. As a Fire sign, Leo’s world revolves aroundrepparttar 136364 principles of identity and drama. You love to berepparttar 136365 center of your partner’s adoration and attention. You tend to be flamboyant and melodramatic when it comes to matters ofrepparttar 136366 heart. You crave attention and find ways to announce that you have arrived, whether it be with a look,repparttar 136367 way you “waltz” into a room,repparttar 136368 way you toss your head or evenrepparttar 136369 way you walk up to someone and give them a gentle touch. You are a true romantic and have been known to write a poem or two. You have style, are generous and love to “surprise”repparttar 136370 object of your affection with flowers and candy. In fact, surprises are second nature to you. You often sport an aristocratic air, even if you weren’t born into nobility. You love to be adored and admired and takingrepparttar 136371 lead in romance gives you a sense of power. You expect to be respected, and will act worthy of respect with one you desire. You know how to turn onrepparttar 136372 charm and raiserepparttar 136373 heat in a relationship. Leos love to be touched and admired.

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