The Rock and Ripple Effect: 3 Ways to Splash to Sales Success

Written by Kim Duke

Imagine you’ve just thrown a rock into a pond. SPLASH! Ripples begin extending aroundrepparttar point whererepparttar 142903 rock hitrepparttar 142904 water. An interesting observation is thatrepparttar 142905 ripples closest torepparttar 142906 rock are actuallyrepparttar 142907 smallest ones. Then each ripple creates another larger ripple…until finally it disappears.

Welcome torepparttar 142908 world of selling!

Contrary to popular belief – it’s not justrepparttar 142909 big things you do that create interest. Sure we get attention when we get a new customer or project – butrepparttar 142910 ripple effect doesn’t stop there. In order to attract customers we need to be doing 3 activities on a consistent basis.


Guess what? You have to know who your perfect customer is. If you don’t – your company will attract a hodge-podge of customers, a few drips or none at all. Clarity is critical in developing a consistent stream of sales.

Which target audience bests suits your product? Where are they located? What motivates them to choose your product? Why should they choose you instead of your competitor?


Skipping stones may gorepparttar 142911 distance but they have very little impact. I am much better at dropping rocks – plus I won’t break a fingernail! In order for you to create a ripple effect for your business – you have to be continually dropping rocks.

It Isn't A Sale Until You're Paid

Written by Kim Duke

Back inrepparttar days when I sold for CTV and CBC Television I had a manager that once said "It isn't a sale until you're paid." Most salespeople absolutely HATE calling their customers to ask for payment as they feel likerepparttar 142902 GOOD GUY and BAD GUY rolled into one!

Hey - we have all been there. We avoid paying some bills because cash flow is tight. The problem is that it does FEEL AWFUL for bothrepparttar 142903 customer andrepparttar 142904 salesperson who sold themrepparttar 142905 service/product. So here are some DIVA TIPS to make you BOTH feel better!

1) Be Proactive. When you are first working with your customer - outline your terms and ask them if this will work within their payment schedules. Find out when invoices have to be submitted to their accounting departments so you don't miss a billing period. 2)Get A DEPOSIT. Never go into partnership (customer/sales relationship) where one party has less to lose thanrepparttar 142906 other. If you are providing services/products then you also deserve a commitment fromrepparttar 142907 customer.

3)Is Something Wrong? Is there something you need to help your customer with? Did they receiverepparttar 142908 product and service in due time? Are they happy? Are they in a cash crunch and perhaps need to work out a payment system to you? Meet or call your customer and ask if there is anything you can do to help withrepparttar 142909 process.

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