The Road to Better Results

Written by Shawn Campbell

A lot has changed inrepparttar way sites are optimized for search engines since last year. For one thing, Google is notrepparttar 127922 only search engine worth looking into anymore; Yahoo has definitely managed to take away some of Google’s oomph overrepparttar 127923 past twelve months. Another important change is thatrepparttar 127924 intelligence ofrepparttar 127925 search engine spiders and algorithms has increased dramatically. So without further ado, I will present you with a standard search engine optimizing process.

Keyword Research

Nothing can be done until you know what your target phrases are. Keyword research must be done to find out what people are actually typing intorepparttar 127926 search engines. For example, do they type in “medical insurance” or “health insurance” more often? Is it worth targetingrepparttar 127927 keyword “dental insurance”? What do your competitors think its clients type?

Keyword research usually begins by askingrepparttar 127928 client what they think are good keywords and by looking at your competitor’s Meta tags and text. You then have to brainstorm to find new and related keywords that were not previously thought of. The use of Wordtracker, Overture, and Google AdWords’ estimates is indispensable. If you userepparttar 127929 “KEI” offered at Wordtracker, don’t fall intorepparttar 127930 trap of giving it too much worth. It is a good tool to help discover keywords that have not been exploited byrepparttar 127931 competition, butrepparttar 127932 really important number isrepparttar 127933 amount of traffic each keyword generates. Finally, create a chart to determinerepparttar 127934 relationship between keywords used. For example, there is no point promoting dental insurance if your site does not offer it. Texts

The next step is to writerepparttar 127935 text. Hire a specialized writer to putrepparttar 127936 text together. Ideally someone who has been trained in Internet writing, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), or get advice from professional SEOs, marketing experts, and usability experts. Work withrepparttar 127937 client to get a feel for what is needed forrepparttar 127938 site. Then use all these skill to put togetherrepparttar 127939 delicate balance needed between selling to people, selling to search engines, and makingrepparttar 127940 text interesting/useful to read.

Domain Selection

Oncerepparttar 127941 text is written, come up with a catchy domain name forrepparttar 127942 site. Try to include part ofrepparttar 127943 keyword inrepparttar 127944 domain, and to think ahead so thatrepparttar 127945 domain can be expanded intorepparttar 127946 title. Our site is a good example of a domain with a keyword in it that is catchy and clearly stated. The keyword for that site is “Bahamas real estate”, so having part ofrepparttar 127947 keyword inrepparttar 127948 domain will help inrepparttar 127949 long run.

Title and Meta Tags

Fromrepparttar 127950 domain name, you can then create a title withrepparttar 127951 full main keyword in it (such as Glorious Bahamas Real Estate). The title isrepparttar 127952 most important text onrepparttar 127953 site. The Meta tags includerepparttar 127954 description tag, andrepparttar 127955 keyword tag. The description is whatrepparttar 127956 searchers will see in many search engine results, so it must haverepparttar 127957 keywords in it and, more importantly, it must sellrepparttar 127958 site. Write a description that is objective, not subjective. Zeal has some good advice for titles and especially description writing at The keyword tag is done just in case some engines still use it (though very few still do), so don’t pull your hair out over it. Just list 10-15 keyphrases and try not to repeat any single word more than three times.

Find google pagerank fast and boost your ranking

Written by Ashish Thakkar

Manually going through each and every page of Google results, for each and every keyword related to your site to find pages and link partners with high Pr is a big hassle. First you have to search google forrepparttar sites then findrepparttar 127921 PR ofrepparttar 127922 site, after that you need to findrepparttar 127923 backward links to that site. You would have to do this for each and every link , because there is no way you can find enough high quality link partners in one search(unless you buy a database of HIGH PR sites worth many dollars). This takes a LOT of time and effort.With Jvw Pagerank finder software you can find High quality links in just seconds. It is ideal tool for finding valuable domains.

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