The Road to 25-hour Days - Part One

Written by Marie-Pier Charron, Life Coach

Do you wish you had more time to do things you love, to be with your children, your life partner… and maybe with yourself, too? Do you wish you hadrepparttar energy to cook healthy meals for yourself – or to exercise? Are you always too stressed to meditate or pray (or whatever makes you feel at peace)?

Then here’s a clever exercise thought out by a time management specialist. I invite you to follow these instructions in your mind: Start by taking a glass bowl and gathering some big rocks, smaller rocks, some sand, and water, too. Now, fill your bowl withrepparttar 116891 big rocks, until you cannot fit a single one in it. Look at your bowl… would you say that it is full? Yes it is, right? Then, addrepparttar 116892 smaller rocks torepparttar 116893 big rocks – as many as you can. Now, is your bowl full? Well, yes, it is…Continue by putting in as much sand as you can inrepparttar 116894 bowl… is it full yet? Or will it be full when you will have poured some water?

Lesson #1 is: We can always do more, add more to our schedule or to-do list. Lesson #2 is: We have to put inrepparttar 116895 big rocks first (our priorities). We cannot incorporate them torepparttar 116896 bowl afterrepparttar 116897 other (smaller) elements – our non-priorities.

Many of us would like to find a way to squeeze into our days everything we want to do (trying to pushrepparttar 116898 big rocks in a sand-filled schedule). We really want to play a new instrument, to exercise, or to write a book (for example), yet we do not always haverepparttar 116899 time orrepparttar 116900 energy to takerepparttar 116901 first step. We feel likerepparttar 116902 circumstances are more powerful than we are. Why is that? And how do we prioritize our… priorities? First and foremost, we have to evaluate if our priorities really are priorities. There is a major difference between wishes and choices… You may wish to spend a half-hour every day reading one of those 500-page biographies you love so much… But if you aren’t doing it, you haven’t really chosen it – it’s not a priority. Why? Maybe you have a hard time relaxing after work, maybe you feel you should always be doing something “useful” and reading makes you feel guilty. The bottom line is that something is blocking you. Hmmm, maybe you don’t even like reading that much, after all…

What motivates your wishes, or your choices? Sometimes we likerepparttar 116903 idea of a certain activity, but we don’t like doing it that much. Sometimes we wantrepparttar 116904 results, but dislikerepparttar 116905 process (exercise, anyone?). Sometimes we want to do things because they are valued by others around us. Or we think we “should” be doing this and that, even when it is not a necessity.


Written by Scarlet S. Paolicchi

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