The Right Way to Send Your Resume

Written by Don Goodman, President About Jobs

Having a great resume isrepparttar first critical step in a successful job search. Unfortunately, most people donít knowrepparttar 138542 best ways to get that resume noticed. In todayís job market, where you are competing with hundreds of other resumes, knowingrepparttar 138543 right way to distribute your resume can make allrepparttar 138544 difference.

First of all you need to get organized and stay organized. When you get that call fromrepparttar 138545 200 resumes you sent out, you need to make sure you are ready to show that you know all aboutrepparttar 138546 company thatís calling. So keep a log detailingrepparttar 138547 name ofrepparttar 138548 company,repparttar 138549 position advertised andrepparttar 138550 dates you contacted them along with any notes. (Readers may request a free log by e-mailing

Next post your resume onrepparttar 138551 job boards. Note thatrepparttar 138552 job boards are notrepparttar 138553 most effective way to get a job with most of them having an effectiveness rate of less than 3%. Nonetheless, they should be a part of your strategy. Put your resume onrepparttar 138554 large job boards and be sure to findrepparttar 138555 job boards that are specific to your profession as many employers are skippingrepparttar 138556 expensive giants and focusing their search.

To post your resume, youíll need an electronic (or ASCII) version of your resume. You can do this by opening your resume in MS Word, hitting File-Save As and choosing Text Only. This will create a .txt version of your resume. Closerepparttar 138557 file, reopen it and edit out any stray characters left over from your bullets and other graphics characters. This file will now cut and paste into web sites and e-mails and automatically format itself. When you post torepparttar 138558 job boards, remember to setup search agents that automatically tell you about a new job posting. This will let you be one ofrepparttar 138559 first ones to apply.

Next findrepparttar 138560 advertised positions that meet your criteria. You can do this by surfingrepparttar 138561 job boards, checkingrepparttar 138562 papers and looking at company web sites. Donít forget to look at trade publications as less people respond to those ads meaning youíre up against less competition. As much as possible, try to findrepparttar 138563 name ofrepparttar 138564 hiring manager and address your correspondence directly to them.

Now revise your cover letter to fitrepparttar 138565 ad. Remember that an employer will look at your cover letter for 3-7 seconds, so keep it brief and easy to read using white space and bullets. Do not try to repeat what is already in your resume. Instead, tell them how you meetrepparttar 138566 criteria they mentioned in their advertisement. Then proofreadrepparttar 138567 cover letter as any mistakes will eliminate you.

5-Step Job Hunting

Written by Don Goodman, President About Jobs

The economy is picking up, budgets are new, positions are open and companies are hiring. Now isrepparttar time to rev up your job search efforts. Use these tips to dramatically improve your results.

Get onrepparttar 138541 job boards and make sure you setup search agents so you get a daily e-mail whenever a new job is posted that meets your criteria. Look for niche boards that focus on your profession.

Make sure your resume is great. If your resume has been posted for a while and you have not been getting calls, then run, donít walk, to a professional resume writing service. This is one ofrepparttar 138542 best hiring times ofrepparttar 138543 year and an investment of a couple of hundred dollars to have a resume that gets you noticed is well worth it.

Identify companies that you like and focus on opportunities with them. When you find one, see if you can findrepparttar 138544 name ofrepparttar 138545 hiring manager. Then, after researchingrepparttar 138546 company, callrepparttar 138547 manager and say something like, ďA friend told me you might be looking for a XYZ. I have over 8 years in XYZ and have been very successful with such companies as (NAMEDROP).Ē Then, and this is important, ask him intelligent probing questions that demonstrate your knowledge. By building some rapport withrepparttar 138548 hiring manager, you will be onrepparttar 138549 top of his mind when he is looking at resumes.

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