The Reebok Elliptical - A Brief Review

Written by Deirdre Jones

When consideringrepparttar Reebok Elliptical for your workout, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

The Reebok elliptical is a fairly large machine with mostly independent parts. This can make it difficult for you to dorepparttar 149843 maintenance and repairs on your own. Other thanrepparttar 149844 fact thatrepparttar 149845 Reebok elliptical can become noisy after regular use, you will have little trouble with this machine.

One ofrepparttar 149846 things that many people tend to really enjoy aboutrepparttar 149847 Reebok elliptical is that it has such a smooth ride. It also includes upper body workout poles that move withrepparttar 149848 pedals to give you an upper body workout if you desire.

If you don't want to userepparttar 149849 upper body workout poles, you can opt to leave them off when assemblingrepparttar 149850 Reebok elliptical. However, if you would like to leave them onrepparttar 149851 machine for periodical use, there stationary bars provided so that you can balance yourself when not usingrepparttar 149852 upper body workout poles. You should be careful when you are not usingrepparttar 149853 upper body workout poles because they will still move while you are exercising.

Germs in the Gym – Exercise at Home

Written by Robb Ksiazek

As recently reported inrepparttar nationwide news, there has been overwhelming evidence that your local gym is a germ farm. Many different types of bacteria are found on exercise equipment like treadmills and free weights shared by other fitness enthusiasts.

The bacteria come mainly from bodily fluids that are released during exercise and other natural activities. Sweat is, essentially, waste product excreted fromrepparttar 149819 body. It contains many forms of bacteria and water that can lead torepparttar 149820 formation of bacteria. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all ofrepparttar 149821 perspiration left onrepparttar 149822 machines. Wiping them down will only spreadrepparttar 149823 bacteria around.

Other sources of bacteria arerepparttar 149824 spas and pools. Even though many clubs require a rinse shower before usingrepparttar 149825 pools, not all ofrepparttar 149826 bacteria are rinsed away andrepparttar 149827 spas and pools become cesspools to bacteria. Chlorine andrepparttar 149828 other chemicals used to sanitize them cannot possibly wipe them all out, and they are left to circulate and spread throughrepparttar 149829 water systems.

The locker rooms are another problem area for germs. The bacteria are spread onrepparttar 149830 floor from athlete’s foot and wet towels that may contain unwanted germs. It is just too hard to wipe them out entirely.

There are solutions torepparttar 149831 germ problem, while still getting a great workout. Many fitness machines are designed for residential use. They are great machines and offerrepparttar 149832 same benefits thatrepparttar 149833 commercial equipment does. Many pieces of equipment offer a multitude of different workout routines and can be adapted for a variety of exercises. Treadmills and stationary bikes are some ofrepparttar 149834 most popular items purchased forrepparttar 149835 home.

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