The Reality of the Date Rape Drug

Written by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.

Each month, more than ten women of all ages and backgrounds contact our Adoption Center withrepparttar same experience -- they have been victims of a date rape drug and are now pregnant. Most ofrepparttar 139569 time, these women do not know whorepparttar 139570 biological father is. Rohypnol is becomingrepparttar 139571 drug of choice for would-be rapists. Most predators target unsuspecting victims by slipping these illicit drugs into beverages at parties, bars, nightclubs, and dances. Rape drugs haverepparttar 139572 power to make one drink feel like six or more.

Laura, a sophomore from Florida, was one such woman who called our center. Laura attended a private party off campus. She thinks that she was probably dancing whenrepparttar 139573 perpetrator laced her beer. She only had one drink and started feeling sick; then her memory became foggy.

“I started feeling drowsy, really dizzy and confused about where I was. I went torepparttar 139574 party alone, which was my first mistake.”

Laura has no memory of what happened forrepparttar 139575 next eight hours. She woke up half-naked in a back room ofrepparttar 139576 club with bruises on her thighs. She suspected that someone may have had sex with her, but couldn’t remember any details. She was hung over for days afterward.

Laura blockedrepparttar 139577 whole incident from her mind and allowed a numbness to take over. Her grades fell, and she found her mind wandering in class. Six weeks later, she discovered that she was pregnant. Laura dropped out of college to haverepparttar 139578 baby and chose to have him adopted by a childless couple through our adoption center. “I needed to do something positive, and it wasn’trepparttar 139579 child’s fault,” Laura said.

According torepparttar 139580 U.S. Department of Justice, “Date Rape” is one ofrepparttar 139581 fastest-growing drug-facilitated sexual assault crimes in America today. A recent large study found that one in four college women reported beingrepparttar 139582 victim of rape or attempted rape, and 84% of their assailants were boyfriends or acquaintances. Most victims remember nothing ofrepparttar 139583 incident exceptrepparttar 139584 feeling of being violated. The same study found that one in four college men admitted to having used sexual aggression with women, and one in twelve admitted committing a sexual assault of some kind.

GHB, one ofrepparttar 139585 most popular date-rape drugs, is sometimes added to punch or other open container drinks at fraternity parties, college functions and social gatherings. It is often given to female party goers in hopes of lowering their inhibitions and facilitating a potential sexual conquest forrepparttar 139586 assailant.

The victims of this crime who contact our center are of all backgrounds and ages. Many are still in some shock over being pregnant and have little to share aboutrepparttar 139587 “father” of their child.

Midlife Women, What They Really Want

Written by Barbara C. Phillips, NP

Over 40 million women are enteringrepparttar second half of their lives and what they really want is not what many people think. It’s not aboutrepparttar 139533 gray hair, a few wrinkles or even hittingrepparttar 139534 big 5-0.

The recent story in Time Magazine (5/9/05) has hopefully opened eyes to what midlife and older women really want. So often, society looks at midlife as just being that – midlife, menopause, empty nest, gray hair and wrinkles. Yet, to women it’s so much more.

We have been asking women about their views and stories regarding positive and successful aging experiences. Not only have they shared their wonderfully delightful stories, they have also revealed their hopes, expectations and goals forrepparttar 139535 second half of their lives.

These stories tell of women looking forward to this time of their life as a time of renewal, of exploring new areas of interest and ofrepparttar 139536 “freedom to be whole and who I really want to be”. Women speak of lessons learned, wisdom granted, andrepparttar 139537 ability to look ahead to accepting new challenges. Many of these women actually look forward to growing older and torepparttar 139538 gifts that come with age.

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