The Reality of Successful Web Site Today

Written by Alan Wasser

For a number of reasons,repparttar analysis of customers' feedback is too often given little attention. Still, people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals (c) David Ogilvy. It's an inexcusable omission for those, who strive for having a successful web site. There are dozens of ways to receive feedback and unlimited ideas for your customer service improvement in it. But you can't afford phone everybody from your CRM list or correspond with each customer via email or regular mail. It will flatter them but bother you. Fortunately there is such a magic tool as web-based forms, which allow site owners to automaterepparttar 131765 process and to userepparttar 131766 received data in your analysis;repparttar 131767 analysis, aimed at your web site usability optimizing.

What actually stands behind "web forms"? The obvious advantages are:

You have no limits in your custom web form creation. You can use any configuration, any number of interactivity forms: a simple, yet good marketing tool to receiverepparttar 131768 overall feedback from your customers. You can build one-page, multi-page and pop-up forms.

You provide additional contact channels to your visitors. You back up your promise of individual approach by open contacts demonstration. It's not a redundancy, it's an additional prove of your care about customers.

You make them stay at your web site. You can configure your web forms so that users will never leave your site. For instance, a user submitsrepparttar 131769 form, which is processed. You are emailedrepparttar 131770 results andrepparttar 131771 user is instantly redirected to a page of your choosing, etc.

Do You Need a Web Site Monitoring Service?

Written by Lew Newlin

You can do a splendid job obtaining high search engine ranking and an equally fine job marketing your site. However, your hard work will be of little value unless your site and servers are up and fully operational. Unfortunately, items such as software lockups, hardware failures, databases, hackers, viruses, worms, service patches, and Internet connectivity can all play a critical role in your online success. Enter firms that specialize in email, site, and server monitoring. What exactly is "server, email, and web site monitoring"?

Web site monitoring refers to monitoringrepparttar operational status and performance of a web site that uses HTTP and/or HTTPS. Likewise, email monitoring refers to repparttar 131763 monitoring, operational status and performance of SMTP servers to insure that mail is flowing correctly and timely. Server monitoring refers to monitoringrepparttar 131764 operational status and performance of other server services such as FTP. While repparttar 131765 difference may seem slight, it is important to noterepparttar 131766 difference.

How Does Monitoring Work?

Monitoring firms attempt to connect to your site or server service at regular intervals viarepparttar 131767 Internet. Ifrepparttar 131768 monitoring service is unable to connect and verify correct operational status, most firms will retry based on customer defined timeout and retry levels. If operational status still cannot be confirmed, then a customer defined contact list is notified. Upon resumption of service, most monitoring services will notifyrepparttar 131769 contact list again informing themrepparttar 131770 site or server service is operational.

Determining Operational Status

Some monitoring services simply use ping to see if a server answers and record repparttar 131771 response times duringrepparttar 131772 process. Some services use more complex techniques such as checking web page code, database connectivity, keyword verification, and email round robin. The important point to consider is how a monitoring firm determines operational status. A ping request for example may verifyrepparttar 131773 server has power, but does not guarantee a web site or server services is operational.

Most monitoring services provide detailed statistics that can be especially helpful in verifying SLA and QOS agreements are being honored. When reviewing monitoring services, insure thatrepparttar 131774 method used to determine operational status is applicable to your SLA or QOS agreement.

What Changes are Required?

Some monitoring services require that executables be installed on your server. While this practice is not wide spread, it does exist. Most Internet monitoring services can query your site or server service withoutrepparttar 131775 need of agents and repparttar 131776 associated complexity and maintenance required by installing additional software.

If you need to monitor sites or servers that are behind a firewall, a firewall rule will need to be established. Most monitoring services will provide originating IP information upon request.

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