The Real Solution for the FTC Crackdown

Written by Floyd Tapia

I imagine you have heardrepparttar calamity howlers,repparttar 102428 pessimistic viewpoints on what web owners should and should not put on their websites and no doubt every scare tactic used to get you to buy some protection. Well... should be scared. What am I selling? The simple idea of taking action before you possibly find yourself in a legal entanglement that could literally cost you thousands of dollars AND unimagineable stress.

You don't think it could happen to you. Well, I think it's time to do a reality check in your world.

Thousands of frivolous lawsuits in areas too numerous to mention are brought on countless unsuspecting business owners andrepparttar 102429 average person every day.

The truth is, when some lunatic and their blood sucking attorney financially and emotionally circumsizes you, they go for all your assets; both personal and business.

In this article, we are going to talk about one type of lawsuit that is getting huge amounts of attention onrepparttar 102430 Internet which involves none other thanrepparttar 102431 FTC.

Now,repparttar 102432 FTC is really ramping up to crack down on Internet Marketers, and actively go after those of us that don't rigidly adhere to all their rules about disclosure and documentation.

I've heard that they filed 45 criminal and civil law enforcement actions against Internet Marketers, on May 15th alone. This is onlyrepparttar 102433 beginning.

Due to this inherent rise of "websuits" as I call them, there are now various legal document sites showing up right and left onrepparttar 102434 Internet that are designed and have every intentions of protecting you.

One website example is AutoWebLaw. Go to to fully understand what these experts are recommending.

But I thinkrepparttar 102435 underlying question here is: "Do they really work?" In my humble opinion, they're simply a start.

How to Review an Affiliate Program

Written by Clay Mabbitt

So you've decided to write a review of an affiliate program. What should your review include? The focus of your writing should be information that will help readers decide whether or not to participate inrepparttar affiliate program. Everyone has a different opinion onrepparttar 102427 key indicators of a quality program, but there are a few questions that almost anyone will ask when investigating an affiliate opportunity.

Will I make money with this program? A truly valuable review will giverepparttar 102428 reader an accurate impression of what a participant would have to do to experience success with an affiliate program. Ifrepparttar 102429 product only appeals to a small, hard to reach market and will require extensive time and money invested into advertising, a potential affiliate will want to know. Doesrepparttar 102430 company rely strictly on their network of affiliates to attract customers, or will someone who joinsrepparttar 102431 program have to find ways to compete against a large company-sponsored advertising campaign in addition to other affiliates?

How much money will I make? Several factors determinerepparttar 102432 amount of income an affiliate can earn with a program. Are you selling a subscription service (such as website membership) or a consumable product (such as disposable contact lenses) that means repeat purchases and a more reliable income source? Doesrepparttar 102433 company track repeat customers by storing your affiliate referral id withrepparttar 102434 customer's record inrepparttar 102435 database, or do they userepparttar 102436 less reliable method of placing a cookie onrepparttar 102437 customer's computer?

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