The Real Cause of SPAM - Open SMTP Relays

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Email is transported acrossrepparttar 131835 Internet via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). SMTP relays email from server to server in route to your mailbox. When email arrives at your ISP's server, it is stored there until you download it via Post Office Protocol (POP3).

Smart businesses relay email only between SMTP servers within their company's domain. Email from outsiderepparttar 131836 domain can be deposited in your mailbox. But email from outsiderepparttar 131837 domain, that is not addressed to a mailbox withinrepparttar 131838 domain, is bounced back torepparttar 131839 originating domain with a Nondelivery Receipt (NDR).

Unfortunately, there are many incompetent system administrators that have configured their SMTP servers to relay email for everyone, not just those inrepparttar 131840 local domain. Spammers use these open relays onrepparttar 131841 Internet to send millions of unsolicited messages.

Stopping SPAM is not difficult. If every system administrator configured their SMTP servers routing restrictions to not relay email for everyone, spammers would not be able to steal server resources that we all pay for. These inept system administrators should learn how to specify which domains they will allow to relay messages through their servers.

The dream I nearly gave up ......

Written by Nicholas Dixon

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Hello again to you my loyal readers.My very first article which I published sometime last year dealt withrepparttar 131831 topic of positive thinking and success.Today I am going to talk to you about your dreams and what they mean to your life's purpose.I am going to give you a glimpse into my life and howrepparttar 131832 before-mentioned topic relates to me.

Inrepparttar 131833 year 2000 , I suddenly had this crazy idea that I was going to learn to build websites.The idea just sprang “out ofrepparttar 131834 blue” and I did not know a single thing about what I was getting into.Somehow I gotrepparttar 131835 money to pay forrepparttar 131836 web design course that I needed to do , and three months later I finishedrepparttar 131837 course and my first website (determination).

During this period of time , I was laughed at and ridiculed by some of my co-workers who thought that my new field of endeavor was a crackpot.I even gave up on myself for a few months just to easerepparttar 131838 tension and to avertrepparttar 131839 criticisms.Eventually , I came around to and decided that I was going to do it and follow things through no matter what (courage).

For period of three years , I marketed my website ( without a computer of my own) from obscurity torepparttar 131840 top ofrepparttar 131841 search engines.You may be asking yourself , “how did he do it “ ? I spent my lunch hour (most of it !!) and any free time that I got to work on it , day after day without any visible signs of progress (persistence).

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