The Real Black Magic

Written by Tobias Lars

. The Real Black Magic

As usual things are closer torepparttar truth if you takerepparttar 136131 opposite of what is being said or presented as beingrepparttar 136132 truth. “Nothing is as it seems, skim milk masquerades as cream.” The real black magic is when there is a false front, when things are manipulated from a hidden place, when things aren’t out inrepparttar 136133 open, when they remain hidden inrepparttar 136134 “black”.

The “Presentation Face” Real black magic is when there is a “presentation face” being used, a “front”, “putting up a front”, “Image is everything”, etc. and using this front to divert attention from what is really going on behindrepparttar 136135 scenes. Overt lying-denial, “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about”, Public Relations firms twistingrepparttar 136136 truth for their clients to appear different than they really are”, “Spin” i.e. massagingrepparttar 136137 truth to look better, “Plausible Denial” i.e. will this denial (lie) be believable, are all forms of schizoid, Jekyll and Hyde, false “black magic” being used to gain advantage, power over others. Cleaning uprepparttar 136138 house forrepparttar 136139 neighbors for fear of “how it will look” is a small example ofrepparttar 136140 “presentation face” we all put on. While that may be no big deal, it is a symptom ofrepparttar 136141 collective consciousness that it’s normal to be “two faced”, to put on a “front”, a “façade”. It is so ingrained in us to want approval, live in fear of disapproval fromrepparttar 136142 “neighbors” that this way of being is considered normal. Not being straightforward, not being able to express how we really feel, needing to temperrepparttar 136143 impulse, adjust, water down, “civilize”repparttar 136144 real response we would like to give creates a “Gap” in what is being presented as reality and what really is going on in reality. This opensrepparttar 136145 space for hidden “Black” magic manipulation of others. This “Gap” allows unlovingness, lying, deception, manipulation to enter in and be exerted in “the black”, i.e. hidden. The word occult means hidden, occluded, from sight or knowing. Basically real black magic is putting up a front, a façade, a presentation face to pay homage to some “how it should look” programmed in ideal, “how will it play in mid-America”, some imagined, idolatrous ideal/false god of “how it should be”. And allrepparttar 136146 whilerepparttar 136147 real power struggles go on inrepparttar 136148 “black” behind closed doors, in “closed chambers”, “no access”, “private party”, “security clearance needed”. That’s whererepparttar 136149 real power games go on, whererepparttar 136150 deals are made, opponents snuffed out, “convinced” as to what’s best for them to do. And thenrepparttar 136151 results are sanitized, “Mr. Harrison has decided to resign to spend more time with his family and is tendering his resignation at this time.” While they shake hands and smile forrepparttar 136152 cameras. When there is no openness of motives, no layingrepparttar 136153 cards onrepparttar 136154 table, trusting that everyone will win, that there is plenty for everyone to go around, then there is no faith, no love, no allowing ofrepparttar 136155 creative Source ofrepparttar 136156 Universe to fill us and our cups till “they runneth over”. Then there is true black magic in survival ofrepparttar 136157 “fittest” i.e.repparttar 136158 most brutal, heartless, ruthless,repparttar 136159 “dog eat dog” world takes over. Pit-bull arenas everywhere vying for a feeding spot atrepparttar 136160 vein of Mother Earth. Vampires one and all. Basically this is a description ofrepparttar 136161 “civilization” we have arrived at today. Current “civilization” is mostlyrepparttar 136162 dog eat dog model. Our leader resort to war, to brutal killing ofrepparttar 136163 “other”repparttar 136164 “enemy”. They may create a “World Court” inrepparttar 136165 Hague but when it comes down to it we use bombs, weapons, power, ‘might is right’ and violence. What isrepparttar 136166 motivator behind (inrepparttar 136167 black) all rules and laws? Violence! The implied or actual threat of physical violence! Get real! If you don’t clean up your room you get hit. If you don’t go to school you get sent to a special forced incarceration school. If you don’t act according torepparttar 136168 rules you are threatened with Violence torepparttar 136169 point ofrepparttar 136170 death penalty. If you don’t followrepparttar 136171 unspoken rules of this society you are threatened with violence. If you’re gay you get beaten, if you look different, dress different, think different, act different you get psychically or physically beaten. If you speak your true heart and mind most often you get killed. Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ghandi, Osho, JFK, RFK, John Lennon etc. This is “civilized”? It truly isrepparttar 136172 “law ofrepparttar 136173 jungle” thatrepparttar 136174 people that promote this false civilization say we are getting away from! If this isrepparttar 136175 examplerepparttar 136176 governments and leaders ofrepparttar 136177 world set how can we expect our business leaders, our citizens, and our kids to behave differently?

The Real Meaning of Success

Written by Peter Cross

All overrepparttar world, and particularly inrepparttar 135860 United States, people identifyrepparttar 135861 concept of success with having a lot of money, achieving fame, having a good career, finding your true love, raising a family, owning your own home, possessing allrepparttar 135862 things you ever wanted, being able to retire, and things like that. But countless people have achieved these goals only to find themselves feeling unhappy inside more often than they thought possible. They wonder if there is supposed to be more to life than all those things, or if they just missed a secret somewhere alongrepparttar 135863 line.

I would begin by equating real success with undisturbed peace of mind. I would follow that up by equating true peace of mind with happiness because if you've ever been really peaceful for a significant period of time, you know how happy you feel inside when you're in that state. Nobody on earth is ever peaceful 100% ofrepparttar 135864 time, but truly successful people know how to return themselves to a state of peace relatively quickly whenever they become disturbed. This ability transcends all types of possessions and achievements, and it does not depend on anything for its continuing existence.

One problem with money, fame, careers, families, and possessions in general is that it's entirely possible to lose them after you've gotten them, and losing these kinds of things after achieving them can be a very painful experience. Another problem is that it's also entirely possible to get something you've always wanted and then find out after some time passes that it really isn't doing what you thought it would do for you. But forrepparttar 135865 person who has achieved true peace of mind and knows how to return to it when disturbances occur (and that'srepparttar 135866 real key to it all), nothing on earth can take that skill away.

Western religions preach to us thatrepparttar 135867 most important thing in life is having a "one on one" relationship with God, and there's something to be said for that concept because among other things, we're told that God is Peace. Jesus Christ preached, "Peace on Earth, good will toward men". Albert Einstein, who was argueablyrepparttar 135868 most brilliant human being ever born on Earth had a very strong belief in a peaceful God, and he also understood that his Theory of Relativity strongly impliedrepparttar 135869 existence of an infinte power that exists somewhere beyondrepparttar 135870 speed of light and outside our three dimensional universe. Jesus was in a state of constant peace. He only lost it one time, and that was becauserepparttar 135871 money changers inrepparttar 135872 temple of his religion were so blasted blasphemous that a bit of righteous anger was definitely appropriate. There's really nothing more offensive to God than people who break God's laws inrepparttar 135873 name of God.

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