The Rapture Question?

Written by Dene McGriff

The relevance of prophecy to Christians in these days rests on their view ofrepparttar rapture. Whether consciously or not, a person who believes they will rapture beforerepparttar 143278 Tribulation, will probably not be that concerned with prophecy or events that are going to take place duringrepparttar 143279 Tribulation. I don’t mean to paint with a broad brush and say that ALL Christians will feel this way, but certainly most will. The fact that a fourth to a half ofrepparttar 143280 Bible deals with end times prophecy doesn’t seem to mean much in churches today where it is highly unlikely you will hear a message onrepparttar 143281 subject. Action follows belief and vice versa. If you strongly believe you will be gone, you are not likely to be concerned or do anything about it.

The teaching ofrepparttar 143282 pre-tribulation rapture hasrepparttar 143283 Lord coming forrepparttar 143284 church in a “secret” rapture prior torepparttar 143285 tribulation and then coming withrepparttar 143286 saints atrepparttar 143287 end ofrepparttar 143288 tribulation where they meet up with new saints that have been saved and martyred. The arguments for this position are not based onrepparttar 143289 clear teaching ofrepparttar 143290 Word but supposition or whatrepparttar 143291 scripture calls “private interpretation”. I’m not going to go into great detail. There are many excellent works onrepparttar 143292 subject by authors such as Dave MacPherson, Marvin Rosenthal, Robert Van Kampen and others that deal with all ofrepparttar 143293 arguments pro and con for those who want to studyrepparttar 143294 issue in detail.

Feeding the Beast

Written by Anthony Smith

Feedingrepparttar Beast by Anthony Smith

Revelation 13:1-13:9 Feadingrepparttar 143209 Beast,If any man have an ear, let him hear. Rev 13:1-9 Isrepparttar 143210 world, feedingrepparttar 143211 beast, makeing him stronger? What or who isrepparttar 143212 beast, is he here or is he to come? Are we giveingrepparttar 143213 right answers torepparttar 143214 wrong questions? Lets look at revelations 13: 1-9, And I stood uponrepparttar 143215 sand ofrepparttar 143216 sea, and saw a beast rise up out ofrepparttar 143217 sea... The book of revelations refer torepparttar 143218 beast as an enemy of God and anything that is rightious. The Jews today are worried that their government is feedingrepparttar 143219 beast, by giveing concessions to Syria, returning land that they took from their enemys by war.Egypt, Syria,ect ,are all takeing bites out of Isreal. But a little closer home, are we feedingrepparttar 143220 beast. Lust, greed, falst doctrine, false preaching, teaching, decieveing one another, whilerepparttar 143221 beast gets stronger from our inconsistancies? Chewing up our churches and christians from within, getting stronger fromrepparttar 143222 flesh and blood ofrepparttar 143223 elect of God. You say, it cant happen here, not in America, we chose our own destiny. Yes, its happening here. Look around atrepparttar 143224 schools, no prayer, one woman, hadrepparttar 143225 power to remove prayer from our schools,where was thye church while this was going on,repparttar 143226 ten commandments are not allowed to be posted in our court houses, homosexuals are allowed to meet in our schools but if you protest, then you arerepparttar 143227 evil one, not allowing free speach. Christians arerepparttar 143228 2nd most hated people inrepparttar 143229 world,repparttar 143230 Jews arerepparttar 143231 1st. Look at Revelations 13:9-10, this is very important, look at what Jesus said in Verse 9, If any man have an ear, let him hear. Why was this put here? Jesus was trying to tell us to pay attention. Verse 10, He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity.....Here isrepparttar 143232 patience andrepparttar 143233 faith ofrepparttar 143234 saints. We hafe to help one another, guide one another, support one another, we need each other, we are

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