The REAL, Yet Hidden, Power of Network Marketing

Written by Joe Bingham

Network marketing is POWERFUL, or at least it can be.

Word of mouth is as old asrepparttar human race and withrepparttar 122561 sheer numbers of people online,repparttar 122562 Internet has taken that power to new heights.

Unfortunately, however,repparttar 122563 Internet has hit some all time lows with it as well.

With so many caught up in 'instant' sales and 'instant' profits, a general attitude of simply 'sell whatever you think will sell' has evolved and sorely damagedrepparttar 122564 name of network marketing.

However, what's worse,repparttar 122565 'sell whatever you think will sell' attitude has HIDDEN from view one ofrepparttar 122566 most valuable GEMS of knowledge all network marketers should be fully aware of.

Products do NOT sell themselves. People sell them. People do NOT recruit themselves. YOU recruit them.

PASSION and BELIEF in your business arerepparttar 122567 ONLY elements that can both provide motivation to you and attract and testify to your potential customers or recruits WHY they should investigate you or your business further.

Honestly, network marketing is not that easy. Internet marketing is notrepparttar 122568 'breeze' many would have you believe. Sure, you can achieve tremendous results because ofrepparttar 122569 potential it presents, but, like anything, it will take some effort.

Now, what better to give yourepparttar 122570 day in and day out motivation you need to succeed than to passionately believe in your business?

People that excel in work or play do so because they work whole heartedly toward their goals. Now how easy can that be when working with a program you joined simply because you 'think' it will sell? Are you still going to care about it once you realizerepparttar 122571 'quick and easy' profits are not coming in?

Now turn things around. Think simply about human nature. When wasrepparttar 122572 last time you saw an in depth interview on television of someone who was unemployed, poor, and struggling to get by? I don't mean to put anyone down who is suffering from hard times, I've been there too often myself, but do we really care what someone in that position has to say?

A Marketers Minefield - Why The Fraudsters Are Targeting You.

Written by Emily Robinson

They want your talent, your network and most of all, they want your marketing capabilities. Fraud. It'srepparttar crime ofrepparttar 122560 times, so what does that have to do with you? The United States continues to be plagued asrepparttar 122561 investment fraud capital ofrepparttar 122562 world. Savvy network marketers and MLM'ers continue to be caught inrepparttar 122563 under currents ofrepparttar 122564 investment fraudsters wave. Have no doubt in your mind these people are pros. They are charming, charismatic, intelligent and very 'likeable'.... that is until you realize what they have done to you. Network marketers and MLM'ers are being targeted by these Pros in order to market and sell their financially appealing 'opportunities'. Investment opportunities in FOREX trades, High Yield Investments, Trading Programs, Promissory Notes and Certificates of Deposit - all "secured" and guaranteed" at no risk torepparttar 122565 potential investor. They seekrepparttar 122566 more liberated audiences,repparttar 122567 risk takers, those onrepparttar 122568 free enterprise path, those in search of financial independence. They want you to get out there and spreadrepparttar 122569 magic. So you do. I mean after all, they were offering huge commission checks, and you are not adverse to some free thinking and non-regulated investment -repparttar 122570 commissions alone would set you and your family up for life. This is it, this isrepparttar 122571 one...repparttar 122572 opportunity you have been waiting for. You knew that if you kept on working hard, repparttar 122573 right opportunity would come your way. And here it is, at last... It is because you are so good at what you do that you have been targeted to play in their game. They need someone who can really sell, some worker bee's to go and generate more honey for them. Everything looks in order, they haverepparttar 122574 flashy car,repparttar 122575 money and a $5,000 suit to match. They also say they haverepparttar 122576

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