The Quick, Easy and Affordable Way to Build a Website.

Written by David Kamau

You don't have to know HTML, or breakrepparttar bank to build a great-looking website. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors have made it easy and fast.

You're faced withrepparttar 139275 decision of between a freebie HTML editor (not good) and a mini-site maker that screams, " I'm here to make a quick buck!" Alternative?

All's not lost. Here are some good low-cost (less than $100) website builders that will give you good results: Plus their limitations.

Go Daddy Website Complete: One ofrepparttar 139276 easiest website builders out there. And a darned good one too. If you are a complete beginner, or need to build a website quickly, go for this.

Comes with 400+ templates, plus a large variety of images. Spell checker, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and preview included.

Building a website is as easy. Just type, drag and drop, cut/copy and paste content. Custom buttons easy to create. Image editor included.

You can change templates with a mouse click without loosing your work. Tables and forms easily created and edited. User Guide included, with examples, plus demo video.

Limitations; you cannot create independent pages and Java not well supported. You can only upload withrepparttar 139277 in-built FTP.

Website Complete has some great features forrepparttar 139278 ridiculous price of $14.95. Works best with Go Daddy hosting., point on "Website Builders", then click on "Website Complete".

Actual Drawing: The learning curve for Actual Drawing can be overwhelming initially, but after that, you're onrepparttar 139279 roll. Not as many templates as Website Complete (above) but quite a good variety.

When You Create A Web Site, Don't Make A Splash!

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

Don't make a splash!

Are you thinking about using a splash page when you create a web site? You would be wise to think again.

What is a splash page?

Generally, it is a fancy entrance graphic which requires your visitor to click in order to enterrepparttar main home page of your web site. It may include a movie-like presentation with lots of sound effects and moving, flashy, animated graphics. These are often created using a technology called Macromedia Flash.

Top three reasons

Here arerepparttar 138988 top three reasons why you shouldn't use a splash page when you create a web site:

1 - Your visitor's don't like them

According to test conducted by web site research firm Marketing Sherpa, 80% of visitors surveyed preferred a web site without an entrance splash page. One quote by a survey responded summed it up: "When searchingrepparttar 138989 web, my most immediate concern in generally time, how quick I can find/do it." Since a splash page just takes up your visitor's time without providing real and useful information, they generally don't like them.

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