The Quest In Advertising Your Website

Written by Michael Keenan

Website advertisingrepparttar unending quest of every web site builder. And Free is a word i work towards. But free onrepparttar 146125 net has many different meanings and many of them or most of them are not free at all. The most effective means of advertising i have found as i am sure many of you also have discovered arerepparttar 146126 traffic surfing sites. You register your site on a few or many of them. Advertise your main site as well as put a few ofrepparttar 146127 traffic sites themselves in advertising rotation. Inrepparttar 146128 event that you can get people to sign up torepparttar 146129 traffic surfing sites, you gain for yourself

How to Keep Your AdSense Account From Being Nuked

Written by Robert Plank

There have been whole AdSense accounts bringing in $5000 per month banned for life from Google because of fraudulent clicks. If Google catches you clicking on your own AdSense ads, they can shut you down.

You won't get canned just for a single click, but if you're like me and tweak your site a lot it's only a matter of time before you click on one of those things by accident.

The way I keep this from happening is I temporarily blockrepparttar domain name Google's ads are served from. Once I'm finished editing my site I go back underrepparttar 146089 hood and turn it back on.

Getting this setup will take you less than a minute.

First, find your HOSTS file.

Open Notepad. Go to File, and Choose Open.

If you have Windows 95, 98, or ME browse torepparttar 146090 folder "C:windows"

If you have Windows XP Home browse torepparttar 146091 folder "C:windowssystem32driversetc"

If you have anything else (Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, NT, 2003, etc.) browse torepparttar 146092 folder: "C:winntsystem32driversetc"

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