The Purpose of War

Written by Louise Sutherland

In today's world we have people who believe that everyone should live peacefully but we all know that this task is impossible because we are people. There will always be disagreements, dissappointments, unfairness andrepparttar list could go on and on. The question ofrepparttar 125972 purpose of war seems to only surface when there is a war. The question we should ask is where would this country be if we had no wars. Many believe that God does not agree with war butrepparttar 125973 master teacher inrepparttar 125974 Holy scriptures said we would have rumors of wars. Where ever you go inrepparttar 125975 world you will find battles. People battle in there minds, onrepparttar 125976 job, inrepparttar 125977 family, neighbrhoods, cities and countries. Where would this world be if people did not fight for what's right. There is an old saying that states "If you don't fight for something;you will fall for anything". Even though we lose loved ones in these wars,repparttar 125978 scarfices can produce

The Politics of Freedom

Written by Kathy Simcox

The war on terror should not be a political war. It should not be a war pitting Republican against Democrat or Christian against Muslim. The war on terror is a war on evil. There have been countless wars in our world that to some extent have protected against some level of evil. But this evil we fight today is an evil more bitter, more deadly, than anything you or I have ever lived to see. It is an evil so deeply rooted in hatred that it will take a very long time, if ever, to defeat. I am against war not because I am a Democrat or a peace-loving hippie, but because my Christian values tell me killing is wrong; because my Christian values tell me to love my Muslim brothers and sisters even though they worship God differently than I do; and because my Christian values tell me that its wrong to kill millions of innocent people, on both sides, because of those differences. I support

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