The Psychology of Weight Loss – Getting to the ROOTS!

Written by Greg Ryan

We have missedrepparttar boat and your boat is sinking fast. You have weighted your ship down with stats, calories, grams and pounds. Now you are more confused than ever on how to lose weight, feel better and get stronger. We America catch up withrepparttar 148783 crisis, or willrepparttar 148784 diabetes and obesity epidemic sink us? The answer is not inrepparttar 148785 numbersrepparttar 148786 answer is inrepparttar 148787 psychology of weight loss. Yes, America’s health will get worse before it gets better. In order for you to get better these two steps must take place:

Step #1: Get over your hang-ups!

Why is it so hard for me to start exercising? I know it’s good for me. It seems like I have some form of resistance to getting in better shape.

“Exercise Resistance” or ER means a conscious or unconscious block against participating in a regular active program. Studies show that some people have barriers built up from past experiences that give them a negative mindset toward exercise and food. In many cases, this prevents a person from starting or following through on an exercise program.


I thoughtrepparttar 148788 golden years were supposed to be filled with relaxing things to do, not more activities I usually put off before?

Building up resentment toward exercise goes much deeper than just not likingrepparttar 148789 effort it takes to do it. Resentment brings out a rebellious attitude in us. The sooner you acceptrepparttar 148790 fact that exercise is going to have to be a part ofrepparttar 148791 rest of your life,repparttar 148792 more likely you will start —repparttar 148793 more likely you will continue exercising. Resentment is usually fueled by his cousins: Denial, Pride and Laziness. The best thing to do is never let them play together. Resentment is a form of pride.


The only failure is not starting. Success is not measured in numbers. It is measured in your growth throughrepparttar 148794 process. Just because your track record may show some ups and downs has no bearing on your future efforts. Plus, your self-worth is not based on how many times you started an exercise program. Fear of failure is an excuse to never try.


If you think for one second that you are going to be perfect in sticking to a plan, forget it. It’s not possible for anyone. The truth is you will never be perfect. Perfectionism is an illusion.


You will always compare your results to something or someone. Once you hit a goal there will always be another one. You may even berepparttar 148795 type that no matter what you do, it will never be good enough. If you are this type, stop for a minute and listen to your body. Comparing yourself to others and your past is a losing battle.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Attitude

Written by Greg Ryan

Usrepparttar diet and exercise industry have our opinions on what diets work and which ones are just sales gimmicks. I believe this can be very discouraging to yourepparttar 148782 consumer. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to get onrepparttar 148783 band wagon of wellness and tap into millions of Americans desperate need to feel better, lose weight and get in better shape.

Over my twenty year tender inrepparttar 148784 weight loss business I have seen every single program and have heard thousands of success and failure stories. The facts are that any dietary plan onrepparttar 148785 market has some portion of it that works, butrepparttar 148786 basic principle of any good eating program, no matter how sugarcoated, centers around calories IN— calories OUT.

The eating “only one type of food diets” will not be effective, and such a restricted diet defeats you mentally. Most diets are just too unrealistic for a person’s lifestyle. Plus they don’t supply enough basic nutritional needs for people to stay with them. Balance isrepparttar 148787 key! Attitude isrepparttar 148788 key to keeping balance!!

For what ever its worth, I would like to purpose this mental approach to you using four ofrepparttar 148789 best plans out there. I want to point outrepparttar 148790 message, so do not shootrepparttar 148791 messenger.

Principle #1: CHANGE YOUR UNWANTED BEHAVIORS: For what ever you think about Dr. Phil he still hasrepparttar 148792 best approach to weight loss when it comes with dealing withrepparttar 148793 beliefs behindrepparttar 148794 behaviors.

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