The Psychology of Weight Loss: Part 1 - The INSIDE OUT Mindset

Written by Greg Ryan Fitness Expert


The “INSIDE-OUT” approach to fitness differs from that of conventional wisdom. Most programs work on diet and exercise alone. They give suggestions on what foods to eat through recipes, calorie-counting books, and exercise tips. While this way may work inrepparttar short run, eventually your motivation and desire to get in better shape disappears. In order to change your attitude and these unwanted behaviors, there are three things to learn about yourself:

How and what motivates you?

What arerepparttar 150832 reasons behind your unwanted behaviors?

What kind of support system is good for you?

The “INSIDE-OUT” approach is an on-going process. In theory, it is a simple common sense idea. In practice, it will take some hope, a little faith in yourself, and patience.

The goal is for you to develop a lifestyle that reflects this way of thinking.

You cannot sustain motivation to be active without pure motives.

You cannot change unwanted behaviors without knowingrepparttar 150833 reasons behind them.

The Psychology of Weight Loss: Part 2 – How are you motivated?

Written by Greg Ryan Fitness Expert

New Years Resolutions do not work because you are really not motivated when you think you are. Onrepparttar surface you may be, but deep down you are not. That is why by April, that membership torepparttar 150831 gym, those new clothes and that new found motivation has all but disappeared.

When it comes to weight loss and sticking to an exercising program you are motivated from two emotions; fear and pleasure. You are also pushed from two directions; internally and outwardly. Out ofrepparttar 150832 four choices there are two good ones and two bad ones. In other words, two that will help you stick to losing weight and two that will eventually hinder you. Do you know which ones they are?

What motivates you to exercise? Fear of your health or Pleasure of feeling better

What drives you to exercise? Internally vital signs or Toned arms and legs

I best way of staying motivated is a combination of both. However, you have to figure outrepparttar 150833 combination. I’ll give you a hint – pure motives are not seen. I believe thatrepparttar 150834 journey goes from denyingrepparttar 150835 reality of your health to a deep desire to take better care of yourself.

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