"The Psychology Of Scarcity - Less Is More If You Want Faster Sales From Your Web Copywriting"

Written by Dave Alston

Countdown to Armageddon - at least you'd think so judging from some ofrepparttar garish copy and blaring headlines screaming at you from so many websites.

Atrepparttar 108038 opposite extreme though, you've some sites which don't even have a single decent headline anywhere that captures visitors attention, let alone leads them into captivating copywriting that'll get them a sale.

Although it's true to say human emotion hasn't changed inrepparttar 108039 last 10 years online,repparttar 108040 consumer and buyer reactions have undoubtedly become far more sophisticated overrepparttar 108041 past decade. Further, with something like 43% of all web shopping carts being abandoned atrepparttar 108042 point of sale it's crucial we understand and react proactively to this new buyer sophistication.

In short, todays online buyers are both pretty wired and wised up. Unless you understand this and adjust your offering accordingly your headlines are very likely to drive prospective clients away rather than entice them into your copy for a second look if they've even a sniff of hype about them or just plain bore them silly.

Either ofrepparttar 108043 above extremes is obviously counter-productive but rather than opting for a bland 'middle way' approach to your copywriting or headlines, here's a sure fire way to generate intensely gripping copy that rivets even ultra sophisticated buyers to every word you publish. It keeps them spellbound allrepparttar 108044 way down your pages until they've executed your desired marketing action - either opting in, clicking through to a new page or making a purchase without dumpingrepparttar 108045 cart.

If you want these type of results then use "The Psyschology Of Scarcity" and you'll soon have these new 'sophisticats' under your marketing spell and more importantly, get them buying what you sell. Here's exactly how it works...

The basic underlying principle is widely known of course, and springs fromrepparttar 108046 proven psychological response people give when they're denied or given limited access to something they intensely desire.

Basically, when people are told they can't have something they want it allrepparttar 108047 more. As a result incredibly powerful emotions are released which go on to drive actions often deemed irrational under normal circumstances. As marketers we can take advantage of this almost primitive reaction (ethically of course) to bypass even sophisticated buyers resistance and go on to makerepparttar 108048 sale.

Here's a further demonstration to show powerful this is...

Imagine for a moment tonights TV news announces a grave national emergency and petrol (gas) is to be be strictly rationed to one just full tank for your car for an entire month... but this rationing won't start until one weeks time. However, you are not allowed to stockpile petrol because that's bad.

Now I don't know about you honourable folks but almost instantly a picture of my storeroom stacked torepparttar 108049 ceiling with Jerry cans full of petrol popped into my mind! I'm not saying I'd do that if this was a true scenario but I'd probably have a couple of cans laid aside, just for emergencies of course. Atrepparttar 108050 pumps and service stations there would be a stampede, becauserepparttar 108051 psychology of scarcity would release these deep emotional responses. This actually happened here in UK two years ago and there was mayhem.

Now let's see if we can insert a mechanism deep into our headlines and online copy that'll immediately invoke exactlyrepparttar 108052 same kind of emotional responses within those who visit our sites. If we can then allrepparttar 108053 sophistication inrepparttar 108054 world won't stop our visitors from reaching for their credit cards to buy what we sell.We're looking forrepparttar 108055 response that comes directly fromrepparttar 108056 gut - that's not filtered out byrepparttar 108057 sophisticated mind. That's where we aim our copy at,repparttar 108058 heart notrepparttar 108059 head.

The type of mechanisms we've found work best in invoking these emotion driven responses are as follows...

1) Strictly limitrepparttar 108060 amount of product you are selling in each promotion, put it right up front inrepparttar 108061 headline or first sentence where everyone can see it and strictly adhere to your statement. If you say you've only got 100 widgets to sell, then pullrepparttar 108062 promo when you reach that point or people will seerepparttar 108063 whole thing as a facade. Here inrepparttar 108064 UKrepparttar 108065 richest sofa and 3 piece suite supplier uses this technique very well, although now after 2 years we're all beginning to see through these 'promo weekend specials', so be wise when you use it.

Make your product scarce... because then you make it valuable and desired in others eyes.

2) Set time sensitive deadlines that really do expire - Set a deadline forrepparttar 108066 promo to finish and give a special discount onrepparttar 108067 product if purchased before that time. When you reach that day pullrepparttar 108068 promo headlines, ad,repparttar 108069 lot. People will heed what you say and buy far quicker next time you set a deadline. I've done it myself, got to a site with expired deadline and missed out, next time I payed far more attention to their pitch andrepparttar 108070 website gained credibility in my eyes.

3) Use number limits for recruiting headlines - when recruiting people for sales teams, affiliates etc use figures that limitrepparttar 108071 amount of people you 'appear' to wish to recruit. For example use a headline portion including "We urgently require 5 key individuals for our new IT project...". Atrepparttar 108072 same time as limitingrepparttar 108073 opportunity here you also give each individual a glimmer of hope that they'll be amongrepparttar 108074 'chosen few' to landrepparttar 108075 rare but rather plum project.

4) Bundle extra products, services, customer support along with your product they'd not normally get, especially from your competition. This is also a good way to get affiliate sales. Your visitors realise they can't getrepparttar 108076 'extra's from other affiliate sites so they buy from your affiliate link. Your product becomes 'value enhanced' and inrepparttar 108077 marketplace where there are thousands doingrepparttar 108078 same thing, yours is perceived as valuable because ofrepparttar 108079 rare extras bundled with it. Think of it - you're giving chips (fries) along withrepparttar 108080 main event for free, your competitors aren't, who will buyers go with?

“Super Verbs” Really Move Your Copy

Written by Karon Thackston

By Karon Thackston © 2004 http://www.learn-copywriting.com

Run or hustle? Eat or devour? Move or scurry? You can boostrepparttar power of your copy by boostingrepparttar 108037 quality of verbs you use. Verbs show action, andrepparttar 108038 way you describe that action can have a dramatic bearing on your readers. Why would you want to fill your copy with complacent words when you can conjure emotions and visual imagery inrepparttar 108039 hearts and minds of your readers? Sure, "run" and "hustle" both indicate that someone is moving fast. But "run" is a dull, ordinary verb while "hustle" evokes definite images in your reader's mind.

Hadn't really thought about it? You should! You can choose commonplace verbs like "talk," "make," and "like," or you can electrify your copy instead with verbs like "chatter," "discover," and "adore."

Look at these examples to see what I mean:


Down Comforters Let You Get Warm

When it's cold outside, get into bed and warm up with our genuine goose down comforters. There's no reason to be cold when you can heat things up instead!


Down Comforters Let You Snuggle

When it's cold outside, leap into bed and burrow down with our genuine goose down comforters. There's no reason to shiver when you can snuggle instead!

Seerepparttar 108040 difference? The latter paints a more vivid picture ofrepparttar 108041 comforter thanrepparttar 108042 former.

Review this one…


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