The Pros and Cons To Starting Your Very Own Online Ebook Store

Written by Dan Preston

If you’ve ever considered to start an online ebook store, but for any reason have been hesitant to do so because your not certain whether this is for you or not, I have written this brief article with over 3 years experience as an ebook store owner to help you see what all is involved and to try and help you makerepparttar decision whether or not this is for you.

Here are just a few ofrepparttar 140708 Pros and Cons that can help you make an educated decision about starting such a venture.


1) Your In Control – Depending on your daily schedule you get to decide when and how often to work on your new store.

2) Choosing A Name For Your Book Store – Much ofrepparttar 140709 pleasure with starting any kind of business is getting to name it. Just make sure to choose a catchy name that’s easy to remember for potential and returning customers.

3) No Inventory – Unlike traditional paper bound books an ebook does not take up book shelf space. All you need is a reliable web hosting company to upload your files and images to and you’ll never have to dust a cover or package them in a box because their all kept on a computer hard drive ready to be downloaded when a customer completesrepparttar 140710 checkout process.

4) Brandable – Many ebooks can be branded with personal information such as website URL’s and email addresses so that if a customer likes what you have to offerrepparttar 140711 links that can direct them back to your website or to your contact information can be found insiderepparttar 140712 book itself.

5) No Store Hours – Unlike a traditional book store your business online never closes allowing you to have your products ready for sale 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also your potential customer base is not limited to justrepparttar 140713 town you live in, but to anyone inrepparttar 140714 world that has a computer.

6) Earning Potential - Now don’t take thisrepparttar 140715 wrong way....... Unless you know some top secret way to convince people that your product is far superior to all others there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to leave your full time job in order to sell ebooks as a primary income. Although, overrepparttar 140716 years I have found ebooks as a nice “compliment” to my full time job earnings.

This doesn’t mean that making a living selling ebooks is not possible. As a fact many people who have sold ebooks with reseller rights or have found a high demand yet low competitive niche subject to write their own ebook about have been quite successful indeed.

E-books in Your Life

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

E-Books are making a big impact inrepparttar way we read, write and use books. There is nothing holding back an expert with years of experience on a particular field to write about allrepparttar 140512 ins and outs, trade secrets, strengths and weaknesses ofrepparttar 140513 industry.

Consider Colm Dillon,repparttar 140514 author of Unique Real Estate Development Method. He has 30 years and $1.2 Billion worth of professional real estate development experience. Dillon wrote his book purely from experience and practical usage. His eBook is now selling in 63 countries and directly available onrepparttar 140515 Internet.

More and more shoppers are now buying books online. If you purchase a physical book that you have been dying to get your hands on you still have to wait for shipping and delivery before you can start reading. With E-Books you get instant delivery 24x7. No more waiting and watchingrepparttar 140516 clock. Whilerepparttar 140517 inspiration and interest is hot, you get to download your favorite business book and start reading away.

Imagine, discovering an E-Book called Business Plans at 11.30 pm, decided to buy and downloadrepparttar 140518 book at 12.05 am, finished reading it by 2.00 am. The 10 o’clock meeting next morning, and you are already a guru on Business Plans and opportunities to lead you company to new frontiers.

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